Bloons TD 6: New Paragon for Wizard Tower Now Available

Update v37.0 Ninja Kiwi

Ninja Kiwi has released a massive content patch for Bloons TD 6 recently. Update v37.0 introduced a new Paragon that can summon a Phoenix to destroy enemy bloons.

New Paragon

Before anything, Paragons in Bloons TD 6 are the final tier upgrade of a tower. To summon one, you must place all three tier five upgrades of a tower on the field and select one you wish to upgrade to Paragon. Doing so will merge the three towers into one powerful tower with amazing abilities.

That said, a new Paragon for the Wizard Tower is introduced - the Magus Perfectus! It has two different basic attacks depending on whether the toggle is turned on or off. If the toggle is turned on, the Paragon attacks with Draining Beam - a single-target attack that doesn't deal a lot of damage, but it absorbs a resource called graveyard mana which the Paragon can use to cast abilities.

If the toggle is off, the Magus Perfectus attacks with a powerful Arcane Spike that deals massive damage to MOAB-class bloons, such as ZOMG and DDT. What's special about this attack is that all bloons that the Paragon has killed are revived as subservient zombie bloons. Furthermore, a Dark Phoenix will fly around the map, attacking enemies with Firebomb Breaths and Radiant Fireball.

Here is a rundown of its abilities:

  • Phoenix Explosion Ability: Can be cast to consume the Paragon's entire graveyard to set all Bloons on screen on fire for 30 seconds and summon one Zombie ZOMG for every 9,000 graveyard mana consumed
  • Arcane Metamorphosis Ability: Can be used to consume all graveyard mana and transform the Magus briefly into an alternate form which decimates everything with a flame cascade attack; Metamorphosis lasts longer the more mana it consumes

New Content

  • New Map: Erosion
    • TheWiseTroll's original concept proposed land and water but when thinking about map colors and the little stories we think of behind each map, the concept of the polar bear walking back with the shrinking ice was too compelling to do anything else
  • New Quests
    • Birthday Party: Pop the Party Bloon as many times as you can before it escapes
    • Blade Sauda Nowhere: Try out Sauda and learn some of her skills
    • Patch's Cheap Chimps Challenge: Beat Logs with as little cash spent as you can
    • Striken Bad: Defeat the BAD on round 100 using First Strike. The spelling hurts us, too, you're not the only one - but we had to do it!
  • Least Cash and Least Tier Boss Events
    • We've heard feedback about and have been wanting to shake up Boss rules, so here we go!
    • Applying new victory conditions to Boss Events completely changes the focus while still needing the damage output and type to handle each Boss
    • Time still matters, as the secondary time score will break any ties

Bloons TD 6 Update v37.0 is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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