Blizzard Reveals Some Changes Coming to Diablo Immortal

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Diablo Immortal is Blizzard’s mobile take on their popular ARPG. However, game director Wyatt Cheng said that it is an MMO title, and that’s why their team is going to implement some changes that will foster camaraderie.

Warband Improvements

For those who didn’t have the chance to play Diablo Immortal’s closed beta, Warbands refer to small groups of people focused on accomplishing a common goal. Chang said that they’re going to expand Warbands to have eight players for each group. Moreover, they’re adding new features that will help make a Warband feel like a “close circle of friends.” As to what these features are, they remain to be seen.


The Helliquary is a unique system in Diablo Immortal where a group of eight people can engage in a series of boss encounters. The devs are planning to release one new Helliquary boss every month, but they’re going to make some adjustments as well, particularly to the content between the two bosses : Lassal (Level 10) and Vitaath (Level 30).

In addition, the community is clamoring for better matchmaking, grouping, and raid management tools. The developers are happy to oblige and will provide some visual and functional improvements to the raid UI.

Set Items

Senior system designer Kris Zierhut said that they’re going to add new sets to the game. Furthermore, they will look at existing set items and improve them to support particular builds and playstyles.

One concern they want to address is that certain sets are just not worth wearing. That’s because some pieces were acquired at low paragon levels, and thus their stats were not sufficiently offset by the set bonus. They’re exploring what they can do to make them better.

In-game Purchases

While there’s a paid battle pass, in-game purchases remain completely optional and will not detract from the overall gameplay experience. One of the things that you can buy is the Boon of Plenty for $4.99 which provides the following benefits:

  • Eternal Orbs x 300
  • Bonus Market Trade Slots
  • Additional Stash Storage
  • Receive Daily Gifts: Rare Crest x 1 (per day)

You can purchase up to three of these so that you can gain rewards for up to 90 days. Gifts can be claimed by logging in every day while Boon of Plenty is active.

But the community is not happy with Boon of Plenty in its current state. The developers will evaluate how to make it more valuable and worthwhile.

Diablo Immortal is expected to launch this year. So, what can you say about the planned changes? Is there anything that strikes you the most?

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