Blizzard Removes Problematic Sojourn Skin in Overwatch 2

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The studio has not announced yet when the skin would make its way back to the game.
The studio has not announced yet when the skin would make its way back to the game. Twitter/@OverwatchNaeri

Just recently, Blizzard released a new Overwatch 2 patch that introduced a new limited-time event, collectibles, and bug fixes. Unfortunately, the update also came with a few issues, which forced the studio to remove a skin from the game.

The skin in question is none other than Sojourn’s old cosmetic in Overwatch 2 called Cyber Detective. As it turned out, after the patch arrived, it allowed players to become invisible in matches. To address the issue, the developers decided to remove it from the game.

Until a fix is introduced, players will not be able to use or even buy the Cyber Detective skin. This change came after players found out that the skin would make the damage-type hero “disappear,” obviously giving her significant advantages in matches. The news, however, is a dagger to the heart for players who purchased the skin under the $22 bundle back in the very first season of the sequel.

As of writing, Blizzard has not added further announcements on when the skin would be back.

"There’s a bug with Sojourn’s Cyber Detective skin [that] is causing her to disappear," reads Blizzard's latest list of known bugs posted on its official forum page. "We’re disabling this skin until the issue is resolved."

It is unclear when the studio plans to bring the skin back to Overwatch 2. But based on the announcement, the developers are likely to announce a date later on, at least when the issue is fixed once and for all. Perhaps a consolation is the fact that the bug has not affected other skins, which means Sojourn is going to stay on the roster. This is so much better actually considering heroes like Bastion, Mei, and Torbjorn were once removed temporarily for two weeks.

Despite the issues, the new Overwatch 2 patch is still a success, especially with the new limited-time event called Battle for Olympus. Apart from the new game mode, Blizzard also buffed Brigette, Junker Queen, Moira, and Zarya, as the studio continues to try to optimize and balance the first-person shooter game’s hero roster.

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