Blizzard Releases Additional Information About World Of Warcraft Classic June 19 Stress Test

Some more details before you head out to Azeroth over the weekend.
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World of Warcraft Classic is set to be released on August 27, with a closed beta starting tomorrow.
World of Warcraft Classic is set to be released on August 27, with a closed beta starting tomorrow. Blizzard Entertainment

Yesterday, I reported on the largest scale stress testing Blizzard has announced so far for World of Warcraft Classic. This stress test will be made available to all active World of Warcraft owners.

Community manager Kaivax has updated the details for this closed beta stress test in the Blizzard Forums, adding some vital information for players who are interested in queuing up for this instance of Classic. For starters, the majority of the stress test will be happening later today, June 19, at 5:00 p.m. EDT.

For preparation purposes, Blizzard has also updated the launcher on the World of Warcraft game screen. This time around, it’s easier to select the version of the game that you want to play; looking at the section of the ‘Version’ dropdown, you should be able to see an additional option for World of Warcraft Classic. For players with multiple accounts viable for your selected version, a second dropdown will be made available containing the accounts listed to choose from.

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that in order to be able to participate in the stress test as promptly as possible, make sure to install World of Warcraft Classic beforehand by selecting it from your Live accounts list.

In addition to these basic details, the community manager also announced Blizzard’s plans to experiment a bit with different settings involving player population. As such, be prepared to see some differences between realms for the stress test, but no additional information has been provided. This is likely owing to the fact that Blizzard wants this to be a blind test in order to not publicize which settings the realms have.

In any case, player feedback is the most important part of this stress test, so if you’re planning on joining this one for World of Warcraft Classic, be sure to chime in with your thoughts on the dedicated thread that will be opened on the Blizzard Forums sometime tomorrow.

For more information on what this stress test will entail, check out my previous report here.

World of Warcraft Classic will be released on PC on August 27.

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