The Blessings of the Elders Update is Now on The Settlers: New Allies

Enjoy the new changes! Ubisoft

The Blessings of the Elders update is now live in The Settlers: New Allies. With this, players can look forward to a bunch of changes that include a new game mode, new hardcore missions, and a new building, to name a few. There's also changes to the existing production chain along with some improvements to existing content and the usual bug fixes.

Let's at the new content and start with the new Sandbox Mode. This one allows you to explore the islands while also expanding their settlements but with no pressure coming from scenario objectives or even AI opponents. Bandit Camps and Places of Interest though are still present. Ultimately what this means is that with Sandbox Mode, you can play however they want and at the pace that they prefer.

Hardcore Mission

What else have been introduced to the game? There are the two new hardcore missions which should be good news to those thriving on the pressure when it comes to in-game challenges. These scenarios add restrictions to regular mission objectives like buffed enemies or a time limit.

In Elder's Tomb for example you need to beat all enemies within 45 minutes. Meanwhile Widow's Peak may not have a time limit, but you start with no military units as well as no pre-placed Academy.

Upgraded Building

The new update also sees the Forester building being upgraded. It now resembles closely the Forester from previous Settlers installations. The building can now plant trees within its vicinity which can then be used as natural wood forest. To make use of the new feature, a Charring Kiln has also been added. This is a new production building that converts logs into coal.

Skirmish Map Selection

The new update also adds the Skirmish map selection. As such, instead of being randomly assigned a map, you can now launch game with your choice of map during matchmaking. This lets you be matched with other players having the same preferences. By the way, you can look forward to the Elder's Tomb map which offers a 1v1 PvP experience.

The Settlers: New Allies is available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as the Nintendo Switch and Amazon Luna. It's also out for the PC through Ubisoft Connect.

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