Bless Unleashed: Sneak Peek at Summer Update

A new update is coming.
A new update is coming. Bandai Namco

Good news for those in Lumios! A summer update is arriving in Bless Unleashed sometime in the middle of August. This is going to be a big one with many changes to be implemented. There are also adjustments made to Blessings and Skills, and Gear and Equipment.

So, let’s take at three new things to be introduced by the summer update.

Core NPCs

The update is going to welcome special NPCs to Lumios. However, unlike your typical NPCs, these won’t be staying in one location and instead roam areas related to their background and quests. In addition, when players interact with these NPCs, they will remember each visit and become stronger. More about this is to be revealed at a later date.

Local Stories

New quests are to be introduced to the game that focuses on background stories of different regions. Players need to finish some objectives and learn more about the new storylines.


The upcoming update also continues the storyline of the different Gods of Lumios and the Crusades. The Crusades, in particular, can be triggered by simply interacting with some of the statues or the NPC standing next to them. There are also improvements planned for the Crusade combat experience, especially with Elite Monsters and Unique Field Bosses. Expect monsters to spawn based on the difficulty of the Crusade.

Hide and Seek Event

This Saturday, July 17, the Game Masters are challenging everyone to a hide and seek game. There are five rounds and each one is going to be in a different location. The first to find the GM wins the best rewards. Here are the prizes:

  • Winner Prizes:
    • SXP Boost Ticket
    • Ember of Paetion (Legendary)
    • Memory Gem IV
    • 3x Black Dyes
  • Runner-Up Prizes:
    • PvE Combat XP Boost Ticket
    • Ember of Paetion (Rare)
    • 1x Black Dye

PC Launch

Bless Unleashed was released first on Xbox One and then a little later on PlayStation 4. The version for PC is set to be launched on August 6 through Steam. Pre-order is now being accepted and those who do get these rewards:

  • Bag Expansion Ticket x1
  • Recovery Scroll x5
  • Potion of Recovery II x20
  • Potion of Recovery III x10

Learn more about the PC launch here.

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