Bless Unleashed Set To Release First Major Update On April 30

New content coming next week.
New content coming next week. Bandai Namco

Bless Unleashed is all set to released its first ever major update. The update includes some new features along with a new dungeon and even a new Blessing. All of this arrives on April 30.

The upcoming update is going to introduce the Savantis Mausoleum. This was once an active laboratory, but an experiment gone wrong has led to its ruin. Adventures have already been inside the mausoleum with the goal of defeating the Alter of Blood. The problem is that when they cleared the upper chambers, they also weakened the seals that have been keeping other terrors at bay.

One of these was the Lich Tiberius. He is known for conducting experiments, even on his own body, in order to find immortality. This appeared to be too much even for Savantis and he was sealed away. Now in Lich form, Tiberius has been freed and his love for music has him using his own bones to make sounds.

Another creature freed was Bone Crusher, an ogre that has been enhanced to have not only incredible strength, but also amazing speed. Loyal to Tiberius, he has more than proven why he is called the Bone Crusher. It’s not just his monstrous strength that players need to look out for, as he also has traps woven on his body.

Coming along with Tiberius is the Soul Reaper. This was the one used by Tiberius to collect souls from living experiments. That said, this one has the ability to get souls from flesh.

Aside from these new horrors, there’s also a new Blessing known as the Blind Executor. This is an embodiment of the memories of the defenders that stood against Savantis during the first Nightspire incident. Through this Blessing, Pyreborn have a better chance to face multiple enemies like what the once powerful and courageous heroes did. Completing the Blind Executor Blessing gives players a 3% reduction in PvP damage received. The Blessings contain these skills:

  • Berserker
    • Whirlwind
    • Leap Attack
    • Overpower
    • Furious Earthbreaker
  • Crusader
    • Shield Rush
    • Twin Slash
    • Resolute Warcry
    • Carve a Path
  • Mage
    • Firebomb
    • Arcane Flash
    • Arcane Blink
    • Meteor
  • Priest
    • Smiting Fist
    • Holy Flame
    • Healing Wave
    • Healing Nova
  • Ranger
    • Fire from Above
    • Ambush Shot
    • Lightning Arrow
    • Thundering Arrows

There is also a new Abyssal Dungeon. Players may be familiar with the Saurin threat in the Sundered Sanctuary of the Dreamscale Ruins. However, this time the dungeon has been upgraded to give a different level of challenge. These are geared for players who have the right skills to take on enemies with increased powers.

We’ll have more for you once Bless Unleashed officially releases the new update.

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