Bless Unleashed: November Update Adds Ability to Regrant Runes; Potential System Introduced

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Bless Unleashed just received a huge update that introduced really cool features - one of which is the ability to regrant runes on your equipment. In addition, the developers added a new feature to help you further improve your characters via the new Potential System. Read further to find out more.

Regrant Runes

Regrant Rune
Regrant Rune Steam

You can change the runes of your current equipment by heading to the Equipment Specialist NPC. To use this feature, you must have enough Star Seeds and Alchemy stones. The amount needed to regrant runes will depend on the tier of your equipment.

You can acquire Alchemy Stones by salvaging S or S+ items. The good thing about this new feature is after regranting, you can decide whether to keep the current runes or get the new ones.

Potential System

Potential System
Potential System Steam

Do you want to unlock your characters’ full potential? If so, you might be stoked about the newly added Potential System. This feature can be accessed in the Player menu.

Basically, you can equip “Potential Cores” that will implement various effects on your character. Furthermore, the cores’ effects will be applied to all characters in your account, provided that they’re on the same server.

If you want to get your hands on these cores, you can obtain them from the Ancient Altar. You have one chance to use the Superior Potentialer for free every day.

Other New Content

The Dimensional Dungeon has been introduced to the game. Just like Time Dungeons, Dimensional Dungeons are only available at specific periods, which means that each dungeon has its own schedule.

Keep in mind that this dungeon is much stronger than others and consists of 10 phases, with each phase growing in difficulty. You and the monsters will get various effects in each phase.

Completing these dungeons will give a Dimensional Stone that you can use to get rare items from the Dimensional Stone Trade Merchant.

Aside from the new activity, the developers added a total of 44 new accessories. Some of their effects include Increased attack power +25 and Increased critical hit rate +12.

Bless Unleashed November Update is now available on PC.

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