Bless Unleashed to Introduce Fusion System in Awakened Update

A new way to get costumes.
A new way to get costumes. Bandai Namco

A new update is dropping to Bless Unleashed this week which introduces a new way for players to grow their characters. Another important change that players can look forward to is the Fusion System. This is basically a new way to get new costumes.

To get new costumes, players must fuse one main costume card with an ingredient costume card. For the process to start, the costume and cards need to have the same grade or parts. Once the fusion is successful, players can get the higher grade card of the costume, which can also be registered as the main costume. If the process fails, the main costume is retained.

Fusion depends on the costume card item grade as well as the type. For example, when fusing a legendary costume card to obtain a mythic grade, there’s a low chance of getting a unique rare costume in addition to the mythic card of the main costume. Provided, of course, that the fusion was a success.

Rare costumes each contain a weapon and skin. So if a rare appearance one-handed sword is obtained through fusion, players also get the corresponding rare appearance shield (epic). Players should note as well that when a rare appearance costume is obtained from Fusion, there’s a high chance of getting an epic costume card with a lower chance of acquiring a legendary costume card.

Here are some examples of the Fusion conditions:

  • Same grade costumes:
    • Rare + Rare
    • Epic + Epic
    • Legend + Legend
  • Same parts costumes:
    • One-handed sword + one-handed sword
    • Headpiece + headpiece

It’s worth noting that Attendance/Battlefield costumes and the ones that can be acquired per character can’t be used as an ingredient costume. Examples include:

  • Attendance costumes
  • VIP costumes like the Hawthorn Vanguard’s Amor
  • Founder’s Pack costumes

Roadmap for PC Version

There are only a few months left in the year but more changes are planned, especially for the PC version. These include:

  • November
    • New Dungeon Difficulty system
    • Rune adjustments
    • Potential System for player characters
  • December
    • Guild vs. Guild system
    • Combat Training Area
    • New Skills and Blessings
    • New Wing Cosmetic slot addition

Bless Unleashed is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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