Bless Unleashed Releasing Awakened Content October 14

New content dropping soon.
New content dropping soon. Bandai Namco

A new update is arriving in Bless Unleashed this October 14. The Awakened Content allows players to grow their character to obtain skills they want and equip them freely.

In a post, developers revealed that this upcoming update officially ends the relationship between Skills and Blessings. This is because they found out that users wanted to use more skill combinations. Ultimately, Blessings are no longer needed for skill combination and growth.

So what will happen to Blessings? They are going to create one big combat style through four passive effects. For example, while the Tempest Shot of the Ranger is powerful, it takes a lot of time to charge it. This makes it difficult to use. With the Gift of Valor Blessing, players can now use Tempest Shot faster and stronger.

You can learn more about how this change affects the different classes here.

New Events

While waiting for the new update to arrive, players can enjoy new events, which started October 7 and ending on October 14. For the entire week, players get triple random dyes along with one Recovery Scroll daily upon login. There’s also an increase in SXP gain by 40%.

That’s not all since the GM Unique Crafting Contest is happening on October 9. During this day, GMs are challenging players to come up with the most unique item through an alchemy contest. Items that can be created include Recovery, Elixir, Panacea, or Dye. If no other player makes that particular item, then the one who crafted it wins a prize.

Here are the rewards that players can look forward to:

  • 1st Place Prizes
    • 30,000 Star Seed
    • Bonus Gathering Ticket (3 hours)
    • Bonus Mining Ticket (3 hours)
    • Bag Piece
  • 2nd Place Prizes
    • 20,000 Star Seed
    • Bonus Gathering Ticket (2 hours)
    • Bonus Mining Ticket (2 hours)
  • 3rd Place Prizes
    • 10,000 Star Seed
    • Bonus Gathering Ticket (1 hour)
    • Bonus Mining Ticket (1 hour)
  • ​Top Five/Top Ten Prizes:
    • Crafting Materials (Consolation Prize)

Bless Unleashed is an MMORPG and a reboot of Bless Online first released on Xbox One. After that, versions for PlayStation 4 and PC were launched.

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