Bless Unleashed Launches Salamander Solstice Event for PC Players

Beat the heat.
Beat the heat. Round8 Studio

It’s clear that we are in the midst of summer and things are just getting hotter. Bless Unleashed is giving PC players a chance to cool down with the Salamander Solstice event. There are some cool items to get and special rewards to grab. The event starts today, August 18, and runs until September 15.

Go on the Hunt

The Salamander Solstice event is divided into two activities. The first is the Salamander Hunt, where all around Lumios, players are sure to notice that Salamanders and their Flame Saurin protectors start to appear. Defeating these monsters result in Salamander Coins which can then be exchanged for different rewards at the Salamander Solstice Event Merchant.

Besides Salamander Coins, defeated monsters also drop Salamander Nest Map Fragments. The goal is to get eight pieces and bring them to the Event Cartographer who restores those pieces into Salamander Treasure Maps. Just follow the treasure map and get even more coins.

Go Fishing

Those who aren’t into hunting can take it slow and join the fishing competition. For this one, players need to catch Clown Anemonefish, Large-Eye Dentex, and Jewelfish to get event coins.

Players should remember though that the fish can only be caught at the Tremont Fishing Hole in Sperios. The competition started August 17 and runs through September 15.

Special Content

This new summer event features more than just activities. There are Salamander Totems that players can get for 100 Salamander Coins to receive a random buff. The effect of the buff affects both the player who has it and other characters within eight meters of that totem. Buffs include Attack Power increase, Critical Hit Rate increase, and PvE XP increase.

Players also need to look for the Burning Ore. Players can mine this yet it results in an event monster appearing. Just defeat the monster to get Salamander Coins and Salamander Nest Map Fragments.

Learn more about this newest summer event here.

Bless Unleashed is available on PC, Xbox One 4, and PlayStation 4. The PC version was released early this month.

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