Bless Unleashed Bringing Changes to Bosses and Dungeons

More details are here.
More details are here. Bandai Namco

It was back in the middle of July when it was revealed that a new update was in the works for Bless Unleashed. At that time, not much was revealed. That changes a bit today since we now have an idea of some of the changes.

The first of these has to do with Bosses. There will be a “twisted” version of the game’s Field Bosses arriving with the update. They’re going to have slightly different skill effects as well as the ability to summon minions. There are also some visual changes to differentiate these new Bosses from the original Field Bosses.

New Elite Bosses are set to be introduced as well that include:

  • Charlie Pepper - Wandering Kobold chief
  • Messenger of the Void: A ghost summoning a scythe
  • Memory Eater: An entity that summons blood bats to attack
  • Taroc: An ogre with even more fearsome power
  • Vavrung/Minion: A wandering, beast-taming Kobold
  • Hector Wilde: Archer that attacks in diverse, challenging ways
  • Akasha: A scorpion with powerful physical and poison attacks


Changes are coming to Dungeons like the difficulty of some two-player Arena Challenges being lowered. Players can also expect five-player Dungeons to have difficulty decreased and enemy attack damage lowered.

The upcoming update is also adding a matchmaking system for multiple-select Dungeons. This should remove any issues that players may face and lower the waiting time. However, it should be noted that when multiple Dungeons are matched successfully, one of them is randomly selected for entry.

Once the update goes live, the dungeons will be rotated are:

  • 2-player Arena Challenges
    • 4 Arena Challenges
      • Pagar Champion
      • Dune Tyrant
      • Emissary of Flame
      • Nightmare of Madaan
  • 5-player Lair Challenges
    • 2 Lairs
      • Shadow of Visions
      • Forgotten Sewers
  • Normal Dungeons
    • 3 Dungeons
      • Rutus Mines - Depths of Corruption
      • The Nightspire - Entropic Descent
      • Dreamscale Ruins - Hall of the Eclipse
  • Abyssal Dungeons
    • 4 Dungeons
      • Dreamscale Ruins - Sundered Sanctuary
      • Kobold Lair - Infernal Kitchen
      • Rutus Mines - Depths of Corruption
      • Savantis Mausoleum - Altar of Blood

Bless Unleashed is an MMORPG first released on Xbox One in March 2020. Months later a version for the PlayStation 4 was launched. The PC version was released last week.

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