Bless Unleashed: September 15 Update Introduces New Dungeon and Field Boss

Bless Unleashed
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A huge update is now available for Bless Unleashed on PC that introduces the new Nightspire Dungeon and the Twisted Void Spider Queen field boss. Other additions include balancing changes to PvP and new rules to the Lumena Shop.

New Content

Experience the new time dungeon called the Nightspire: Caverns of Wrath, which requires at least level 35 to enter. There are three parts to the dungeon and each contains powerful bosses, so be prepared for anything that may come your way.

Aside from that, the latest update introduces a new field boss: The Twisted Void Spider Queen. She is located in the Spider Cave north of Tristezza. Unlike the normal Spider Queen, this new field boss provides a whole different set of challenges. Be sure to keep your guard up and avoid her traps at all costs.

Lumena Shop Changes

Back then, you could purchase anything from the Lumena Shop and register them to the Marketplace to sell for in-game currency. However, this is no longer possible as all items purchased from the Shop are now bound to your account. Those who have registered Lumena Shop items in the Marketplace before this update can still sell them to other players though.

PvP Balancing

The September 15 Update has changed PvP considerably by reducing the damage of your basic attacks by 50% and decreasing the damage of your attack skills by up to 85%. The devs have probably made this change to make PvP matches last longer, requiring more skill from players.

Patch Highlights

  • Cash products not tradeable
    • Products in Lumena Shop will become non-tradable items, which cannot be registered in the Marketplace
  • Newly Added Products
    • Card: Character Appearance Change
    • Card: Character Hair Change
    • Character Name Change Voucher
  • Removed Products
    • [Limited] Star Seed and Potential Blooming Package
    • Bless Growth Package
    • Unbinding Scroll
    • Unbinding Recharge Scroll
  • Considering the PvP balance, the PvP Damage of skills and combos has been applied as follows:
    • Decreased the PvP Damage of the basic attack by 50%.
    • Decreased the PvP Damage of the attack of all skills by 70 to 85%.
  • Changed so that players can use the Marketplace from Lv.27
    • This limit is temporary to prevent abnormal trading and will be removed after the Marketplace is improved
The following items are no longer available in the “Token Redemption” NPC:
  • Weapon Fortification Stone
  • Armor Fortification Stone
  • Equipment Upgrade Stone (Uncommon)
  • Equipment Upgrade Stone (Rare)
  • Equipment Upgrade Stone (Epic)

So, what can you say about the September 15 update, especially the changes to the Lumena Shop and PvP?

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