Blade Assault: New Character Zett Punches His Way Through in Patch v1.2

Blade Assault
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Blade Assault just got a new character in Patch v1.2. This update introduces Zett - a man that uses his gigantic cybernetic arms to dish out pain. Part of his kit is a shield that can be recharged by striking enemies.

Zett can also charge forward a short distance, allowing him to close in on his enemies. Not only that, but it seems that he can perform a flaming uppercut or infuse his fists with ice as well.

If you want to use Zett, all you have to do is attain a high enough friendship level and talk to him at the jazz bar. He has nine new upgrades that will further enhance his capabilities, so be sure to farm enough resources to get them all.

Aside from the new character, 12 new danger level debuffs have been added in Patch v1.2. One of the most notable is the Elite Instructor, which makes enemies on the field appear as Elites.

Patch Notes

  • Players can increase Hailey’s friendship level with Armstrong at the jazz bar, and can change the drone by using Chips from Hailey at the armory:
    • Friendship Level 1: One drone is available from Hailey. Rare drone appears
    • Friendship Level 2: Two drones are available from Hailey. Epic drones appear
    • Friendship Level 3: Three drones are available from Hailey. Legendary drones appear
  • You may only buy one from 3 drones
  • Purchased drones can be found in the gear inventory
  • Changes to default drone(Bit) if the character dies and wakes up in Hank’s Room
  • Changes to default drone(Bit) if the character clears the game and wakes up in the jazz bar
  • Drone Types:
    • Red Drone: Drops 300 Roses when the player starts the game by taking the armory’s port
    • Energy Drone: Player character recovers 50 MP when using an active gear
    • Box Drone: Destructible objects have a 5% chance of dropping HP healing food
    • Medic Drone: Player character recovers10 HP every 60 seconds
    • Machine Gun Drone: Hits the enemy 30 times every 5 seconds for 3 seconds. Deals 10% of player character’s Normal ATK. Drone’s DMG increases as the player’s Normal ATK increases
  • [Enhanced Barrier]: Elites will gain a max barrier amount of 100% of their max HP
  • [Exhaust]: Exhaust elites will appear. Being close to the elite will slow the player’s MOV SPD by 50%
  • [Weakness]: Weakness elites will appear. Being close to the elite will slow the player’s MOV SPD by 30% to 50%
  • [Enraged Elite]: Elites gain 20% of ATK and ATK SPD every 10 seconds after appearing. (Stacks up to 600%)
  • [Broken Gear]: Only broken gears appear in the gear box. Broken gears do nothing

Blade Assault Patch v1.2 is available on PC.

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