Blade Assault: Patch v1.01 Brings Balancing Changes to New Characters and More

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Blade Assault has been officially released a couple of days ago, but there is a new update that you can download right now. Patch v1.01 brings balancing changes to the new characters, as well as some needed bug fixes.

Electra is one of the new bosses that was introduced in the game’s official release version. That said, some people have found a way to dodge Electra’s Thunderbolt attack simply by sitting down at the right moment. This is no longer possible as this bug has been resolved.

Aside from that, the issue where Kil’s Chainsaw Skill, Chainsaw upgrade (Top Blade), and Axe weapon upgrade (Whirlwind), along with Jenny’s Chain Sickle weapon upgrade (Blade Dance) would not deal damage when you’re frozen, knocked back, or shocked has been addressed.

In terms of balancing changes, Jenny’s Sidewinder has its skill attack damage increased to 68. Moreover, Kil’s Destroyer and Evil Hunter have both their skill attack damage increased to 70 and 80, respectively.

Patch Highlights

  • Fixed a bug where Jenny’s weapon chain sickle was not shining
Stage and Monster
  • Fixed a bug where within the Esperanza’s Hall map, the activate interaction UI appears on the box object
  • Fixed a bug where Jenny’s dash clones pass through the green vine obstacle in the Abandoned Hospital map
  • Fixed a bug where the burrow worms could not attack when the player is standing on the stairs
  • Fixed a bug where Ratmotan’s first jump attack sometimes strikes downwards
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to move before the cut scene ends when meeting Ratmotan for the second time
Core and Gear
  • Fixed a bug where HP was not recovered even when Tenacious Core [Healing] was above Level 2
  • Fixed a bug where the DMG of active gear [Iron Maiden] increases when the risk gear [Poisoned Cleaver] that adds DMG is obtained
  • Fixed a bug where the Linear Rocket DMG increase for Linear Rocket Level 4 was applied as a skill DMG increase
  • Fixed a bug where after obtaining rewards during the stage heading towards the boss Cyclops, the interaction option “activate” becomes possible at the stage port
Chapter 5 Monsters
  • Deleted super armor trait:
    • Black Templar, Colossus, Tyrant, Missile Drone
  • Reduced HP of Chapter 5 enemies
Chapter 6 Monsters
  • Increased thunderbud projectile cooldown to 2.5 seconds
  • Reduced HP of Chapter 6 enemies
  • [Destroyer] Increased normal ATK to 30
  • [Evil hunter] Increased normal ATK to 20
  • [Silence] Increased normal ATK to 38
  • [Silence] Increased skill ATK to 200
  • [Sidewinder] Increased normal ATK to 36

Blade Assault Patch v1.01 is now available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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