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Ever wanted to build your own airship? Black Skylands lets you realize that dream somehow by giving you the power to build and develop an airship. Create an impregnable flying fortress that you can use to explore and capture territories. This game also combines aerial and ground combat, with dozens of weapons at your disposal.

Anyway, Black Skylands received the Raids Update recently, and as the name of the patch implies, it allows you to go on raids and defeat bosses. Raids will have you complete a series of missions on the air first, followed by the ground stage where you’ll face various missions and enemies. Raids to the Swarm will be available to you after completing the “Hunting the Eater” quest.

At the start of each raid, you can choose up to four challenges. The more challenges you have enabled, the more points you will get at the end. Some of the challenges include playing a raid without using ship abilities or without dodging.

Moreover, each task you complete successfully will reward you with resources useful for creating special weapons, such as the Swarm Gun, Swarm Flare Gun, Swarm Acid Flame Gun, and Swarm Rifle.

The other changes introduced in the Raids Update can be found below:

  • Lowered the difficulty of enemies in the Hungry Gardens location (the resources are the same as before)
  • Non-Elite ground Falcons damage has been slightly increased
  • Falcons lancers become faster and more aggressive
  • Cooldown of Pyrostation, Shock Storm, Oppressor, Jericho, and Time Stopper has increased
  • Reduce all grenades fire period to 0.5 seconds
  • There are now 2 stations for opening loot boxes on the Fathership
  • Added cutscenes skip before bosses
  • Now hook works more conveniently
  • Now the character comes to life at the nearest gas station after the end of all Lumas energy
  • Added the ability to put turrets on the ship
  • Warehouses added to gas stations
  • Added ability to remap ship rotation buttons
  • Added ability to remap second artifacts button
  • Now, when visiting the Fathership, the energy of the Luna, ammunition, HP, number of first aid kits and grenades are restored
  • Added structure names to the following windows: armory window, laboratory window, ship workshop window. Also added names in the building upgrade window.
  • Now the reloading of the player's weapon begins after spending the last ammo from the clip, and also when switching to a weapon that has no ammo left, but there is an opportunity to reload

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Black Skylands Raids Update is available on PC.

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