Black Panther End Credits & What They Mean For Avengers: Infinity War [SPOILERS]

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Black Panther has End Credit Spoilers waiting for you!
Black Panther has End Credit Spoilers waiting for you! MARVEL/Player.One

For those who haven’t seen Black Panther yet, we suggest you wait until you are walking home from the film before you read this article. There are major spoilers ahead, and not just for Black Panther… but for Avengers: Infinity War too. In the meantime, please read one of our other fine articles. Perhaps one about Shuri, T’Challa’s awesome sister. Anyway, you have been warned... spoilers after the video.

Black Panther Mid-Credits Scene

The Black Panther mid-credits scene might be the most meaningful in Marvel Cinematic Universe history. It’s not a tease for another movie, a silly skit, or a one liner. T’Challa stands before the United Nations and announces Wakanda will not isolate itself from the world any longer. When ignorantly questioned about what Wakanda can even give the world, it’s implied that T'Challa humbly informs the UN that Wakanda has the greatest amount of natural and technological resources in the world. He also reminds his diplomatic colleagues that humans have more in common than we do apart and should build bridges between our communities instead of walls. It’s an inspiring speech. So yes, if you didn’t take our advice to not read this, then you should at least listen when we tell you to stay for the mid-credits scene.

At the end of the film, we also learn a little bit about how Wakanda will begin its campaign to influence the people who need it most. To honor the path that created the villain inside Killmonger, T’Challa bought a block’s worth of property in Oakland to build an outreach center. Shuri will be in charge of the STEM programs. Killmonger’s agenda was to introduce Vibranium to the rest of the world so those facing adversity could rise to the top and rule. T’Challa is certainly taking a more diplomatic approach, but is no doubt inspired by his newfound understanding of Killmonger’s perspective as a Wakandan outsider.

After-Credits Scene

“The White Wolf is awake,” a group of children giggle as they run out of a small hut in the middle of rural Wakanda. Bucky Barnes exits in robes, his arm still missing but looking healthy. Back in the Captain America: Civil War post-credits, it’s implied Steve Rogers and Bucky returned to Wakanda with T’Challa to place Bucky in stasis, until Shuri figured out how to prevent him from being brainwashed by HYDRA again.

“You’ve got a lot to learn,” Shuri says as she walks off with Bucky. It’s unclear what she means by “learn.” Maybe Shuri had to wipe some of his neural functions in order to expel the HYDRA hypnotism from his brain. I don't want to assume Steve is in Wakanda, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is. (That “Get this man a shield” line from the trailer probably isn’t a coincidence). I mean, what’s even left for him back in the United States? Tony Stark is an asshole. Maybe Falcon is there too. He could use a suit upgrade, let’s be honest.

It will be interesting to see how much Wakanda has influenced the world once Avengers: Infinity War begins. How will T’Challa regulate the use of Vibranium? Will he allow other countries to adapt Wakandan technology? Let us know how you think the implications of Black Panther will impact Avengers: Infinity War in the comments below.


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