Black Lightning Soundtrack: Songs In Episode 1, ‘Resurrection’

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Black Lightning has the wildest suit in the Arrowverse.
Black Lightning has the wildest suit in the Arrowverse. CW

Black Lightning is the first CW show that seems to have a clear musical vision. Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” in the trailer last month took everyone by surprise, and Executive Producer Salim Akil explained his goal for the soundtrack on the Black Lightning premiere red carpet at “DC In DC.”

“I wanted to bring people in. I wanted people to hear Isaac Hayes and Jack White and Jill Scott-Heron. I wanted to do a soundtrack, when you listen to it you hear music that you’ve heard before, that you feel, and that’s been sampled.”

So without further ado, here’s every song in Black Lightning episode 1, “Resurrection.”

The series starts off with none other than “Strange Fruit” by Nina Simone, which you should recognize. The most recent artist who sampled Billie Holiday’s classic is Kanye West with “Blood on the Leaves.” The voice of Jefferson Pierce’s youngest daughter, Jennifer, narrates the first scene, which shows the family waiting at the police station after Anissa's arrest for protesting The 100 gang.

Jennifer sneaks out of the Garfield High School fundraiser to go to a party and the first song is “Blicka Blicka” by Rome Fortune.

Jefferson and Lynn share a moment at the high school while “100%” by Monogem plays in the background. Lynn is upset about Anissa’s arrest and we learn they share joint custody of the kids.

Jefferson tracks Jennifer to the club after she snuck out. He busts open the doors to “Love” by Rome Fortune and sees La La and The 100 gang take her into the back room.

The Pierce family bonds over an early morning run to Sampha’s “Blood On Me.”

Isaac Hayes’ “Walk On By” plays as The 100 gang goes to the school and kidnaps Jennifer and Anissa. Earlier in the day, the boy Jennifer met at the party came to school with a gun and Anissa took him down in front of the whole school.

“Lazaretto” by Jack White is Jefferson Pierce’s first suit up song. He goes to the motel where The 100 has Anissa and Jennifer tied up. He easily saves them.

Bobby Bland’s “Ain’t No Love In the Heart Of The City” plays as Black Lightning flees the scene. We meet Tobias Whale for the first time and learn he believes he killed Black Lightning many years ago.

The daughters arrive home safe and Jefferson decompresses in the shower to "A Sign Of The Ages” by Gil Scott-Heron.

We also heard “News” by Trygga in the background at the club, but couldn’t find a good link. Any other songs we missed? Let us know in the comments and check back next week for another Black Lightning song recap.

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