Black Lightning Casts Thunder’s Girlfriend, Grace Choi

grace anissa black ligtning
Grace and Anissa hit it off right away in the comics. DC

Black Lightning is set to premiere on The CW in early 2018, with supporting casting well underway. This week we learned who will play an important character from the comics: Grace Choi. Chantal Thuy of Madam Secretary and Pretty Little Liars will portray Anissa Pierce’s romantic interest.

“Grace is a comic book fan who befriends Anissa while she is coming to terms with her abilities and becomes Anissa’s first confidant about the struggles and challenges of having abilities,” reports Variety.

grace anissa black lightning
Will Grace and Anissa's relationship have the same tone on TV? Photo: DC

This relationship is canon, and one of the most beloved LGBTQ representations in DC Comics. Grace Choi was created by Judd Winick and Tom Raney, first appearing DC in Outsiders #1 in 2003. That’s where she met Anissa, aka Thunder. The two hit it off.

Grace and Anissa flirting. Photo: DC

As an Asian-American hero who is later revealed to be half Amazon, Grace carries the gifts of the gods -- superhuman strength, durability, speed, stamina and healing. She’s tall, muscular, feminine and unapologetically bisexual. She had much different (and more traumatic) upbringing than Thunder, surviving a human trafficking ring. When Black Lightning refused to accept Thunder’s desire to follow in his footsteps, it was Grace who was there for her through it all.

Batman kicks Thunder off The Outsiders but Grace still brings her along. Photo: DC

It looks like the Black Lightning TV series will stay true to the source material. Series star Cress Williams told us during San Diego Comic-Con he doesn't want his daughters to follow in his footsteps, but also won’t be ignorant to the fact that they probably will. In this case, he wants them to be educated and well-trained.

Grace and Anissa's relationship lasted a long time. Photo: DC

Given this dynamic, it seems unlikely we’ll see Anissa and her father fight side by side. But with Grace in the picture, it looks like Anissa may find a group of powered friends, and a girlfriend, to run with.

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