Black Desert Online Quadruples Daily Players in NA After Class Reboot Update

A big congrats is in order!
A big congrats is in order! Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Online announced an increase in the number of daily players by more than 230%. This is for the PC version in North America and Europe. The main reason for the increase appears to be the update that implemented a major class reboot.

It was back in December 2021 when the game rebooted 17 of the current 23 classes available. In particular, there was a major overhaul for abilities and damage factors and the introduction of new skill sets. Each of the classes also had new customization and appearance options to emphasize their unique identity. Class balance was also improved which helped players do better in PvE.

Changes Made

One of the changes done is the passive skill Unyielding Might being obtainable by every class upon reaching Level 62. What the skill does is increase the damage of special attacks by 1%. There are also the changes made on speed-related attributes. There's now an upper or lower limit for increases and decreases in Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Casting Speed. Basically, these speeds can be increased by as much as 150% and lowered by a maximum of 50%. For example, when an effect lowers the Movement Speed of the character by 80%, it's instead reduced by only 50%. Read more about it here.

Take the Test

In celebration of the class reboot, the game is giving adventurers the chance to take personality tests and see which class best suits them. They can also use Marni’s Unstable Fuel to try out new player classes while using the existing gear of their main character.

Snow Crystal Butterflies

There's also a new event, which started today, tasking players to get the beautiful Snow Crystal Butterfly. Just log in and bring them to Marsella in Velia for special items. Players can obtain one Snow Crystal Butterfly by playing for 30 minutes. They get another Snow Crystal Butterfly at 60 minutes and 120 minutes.

The special items are:

  • Cron Stone x1
    • Required Item: Snow Crystal Butterfly x1
  • Advice of Memory x1
    • Required Item: Snow Crystal Butterfly x5
  • Winter Crystal x2
    • Required Item: Snow Crystal Butterfly x15
  • Ancient Spirit Dust x100
    • Required Item: Snow Crystal Butterfly x20
  • Advice of Valks (+50) x1
    • Required Item: Snow Crystal Butterfly x25

This event ends on January 26.

Black Desert Online is an MMORPG released on PC in 2015.

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