Black Desert Online: Guild Boss Summoning Mechanic Changed

New way to summon.
New way to summon. Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Online has made changes to the way guild bosses are summoned. In particular, there is no longer any need to use summon scrolls. With this change, all that is required is to meet the conditions to summon a guild boss and then summon the boss by simply finding the location of the spawn point.

In summoning guild bosses, players are going to need the summon scroll piece. Players can get summon scroll piece items by completing guild boss subjugation quests. The example below shows what to do once a player gets all the summon scroll piece items:

  • Collect all the needed Giant Mudster Summon Scroll Piece items which lets you summon the Giant Mudster.
  • After that you need to go to the Guild window.
  • Click the Guild Boss Subjugation tab and look for the "Find Location" and "Summon" buttons that appear.
  • Once you press the "Find Location" button, go to the location where the boss can be summoned.
  • Select the difficulty level.
    • Remember to select the difficulty level appropriate for the size of your guild.

There are certain restrictions that apply for summoning guild bosses, however:

  • Players can only summon each type of guild boss through the Guild Boss Subjugation tab once a week.
  • There are a limited number of guild bosses which can be summoned per server at a time.
  • If too many guild bosses have already been summoned in your current server, a system message will tell players that too many have already been summoned.
    • In this case, players can either wait a while, or move to another server and summon a guild boss there.

According to to development team, the reason for the revamp was to focus on accessiblity. This change removes the burden of an adventurer having to be the one in charge of handling summon scrolls. As already mentioned, players now immediately accumulate summon scroll piece items as they complete guild boss subjugation missions. In addition, any guild member can now view the type of guild bosses and the number of guild bosses that can be summoned by looking through the Guild window.

This change also means that players can can now select the difficulty of the guild bosses regardless of how large their guild is. Before the change, small guilds could only summon guild bosses for small guilds.

That said, aside from the revamp, Black Desert Online also simplified the way the guild boss Khan is summoned. In the past the requirement was to complete guild missions 80 times in order to summon this boss. This time Khan can now summon by simply completing guild missions five times.

So what do you think about this change? Does it make the game better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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