Black Desert’s Latest Update Introduces The Kingdom Of Valencia

New kingdom introduced.
New kingdom introduced. Pearly Abyss

The most recent highly anticipated update for Black Desert is finally here with players now able to explore the Kingdom of Valencia. This new update is free to download and is available for the PlayStation 4. In addition to the new region, a new feature called Awakening is also arriving to the game.


The Awakening feature permanently boosts a character’s combat skills while also unlocking new skill sets and weapons that can be used on the battlefield. The feature is available for all ten character classes, allowing adventurers to unleash their character’s true power with new play styles. In order to activate Awaken, adventurers need to reach Level 56 and accept a unique quest from their Black Spirit. Once completed, players receive a mythical weapon that is not only native to their character’s history, but also has the ability to deal damage.

New Classes

The new update introduces the Lahn and Ninja character classes. These two classes bring enhanced agility and precision to Black Desert. Each character offers different skills and abilities:

  • Lahn
    • She has an extremely agile nature along with extraordinary capacity to leap and glide through the air over long distances. Combining this with her mastery of the flexible Crescent Pendulum weapon, it makes her a force to be reckoned with.
  • Ninja
    • A Ninja is a high-skilled fighter that excels in agility and has the ability to conceal his presence. The ninja can wait a while before landing precise, deadly strikes and dashes on their targets.
    • They also possess aerial skills and teleportation abilities that allow them to rapidly close the distance with the enemies. Packed with stun and debuff techniques, it is easy for the ninja to gain the upper hand in combat.

The Kingdom of Valencia

In Valencia, adventurers face withering sandstorms and new enemy types. In this Land of Scorching Sun and Desert, adventurers meet Kutum, a new world boss that hunts with lethal precision.

To make the fight a bit fair, Absolute Skills have been added to all classes, which allows for powerful attacks. This should help adventurers in defeating Kutum.

Valencia also introduces new gameplay where an adventure who kills another within the region gets a villain mark, no matter what their current Karma is. This means they are going to be treated as hostile by other players.

Other additions and improvements include gear and item enhancements and new items. Valencia region-specific items and Dim Magical Armor exchanges are some of the new items to look forward to.

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