Biped Gets A May 21 Release Date For Nintendo Switch

Take on this unique puzzle co-op game on the go with friends or family.
Biped will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch on May 21.
Biped will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch on May 21. NEXT Studios

After a very successful release on PC via Steam this past March, and another on the PlayStation 4 earlier this month, NEXT Studios is now bringing their hit co-op strategy game Biped to handheld gamers via the Nintendo Switch. Biped is set to be released on the platform this May 21, and will be published by Postmeta Games. Check out a trailer for Biped below.

Biped is probably one of the most unique co-op strategy games thanks to its emphasis on proper timing and collaboration between its players. Tandems play as two bipedal robots named Aku and Sila as they walk around hazardous and death-defying environments, solving puzzles in order to traverse them successfully. In Biped, players control the robots’ two legs using two sticks; while simple enough at a glance, things start to get a little more complex as puzzles require astute and impeccable timing amongst teammates akin to a rhythm game. Some machines can only be operated by synchronized walks, which is tougher than it sounds. Biped will take you and your co-op partner to many beautiful locations, each filled with incredibly innovative puzzles that require well thought-out strategies.

While Biped can technically be enjoyed solo, the game is best played with a friend or family member in co-op mode. The game’s nerve-wracking, yet incredibly enjoyable premise helped push its popularity on Steam, especially after a recent update added a feature for Remote Play Together. This allowed players in different locations to play using a single copy of the game, a much-needed relief in these trying times of social isolation.

Of course, the game’s release on the Nintendo Switch is very welcome thing indeed; Biped’s arcade-y and laidback nature should allow for some enjoyment to those who prefer handheld games. According to its product page on Nintendo, Biped will support TV, Tabletop, and Handheld modes out of the box. That said, it will most probably need an additional Pro controller or two sets of Joy-cons, as Biped needs two sticks to control properly. Players should know more as the release date approaches.

Biped is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch on May 21. It is now available to play on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4.

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