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Beyond Good and Evil 2
Beyond Good and Evil 2 Ubisoft

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is back in the news, and I am afraid not for good reasons. It was reported last month that the long-in-development sequel started external playtesting. If you thought the game’s release should be near, I am afraid I have bad news for you.

The Leak

Tom Henderson, a prominent leaker who reported the playtesting news, said yesterday that the game is still years away.

He claims to have received screenshots and gameplay footage from his sources. Henderson said he can't share the leaked content with the public, but he can describe it.

After reviewing the leaked content, he alleges that the game is drastically different from what was shown by Ubisoft in 2018. He also called the game very incomplete.

Tom claimed that the game will now use character presets, and players will be able to customize their characters around it. He saw two characters, one that looked like a shark and another like a panda. According to his sources, the game is “years away” and “lacks direction.” One source noted that they had “no idea what I was doing when playing.”

Even though the leak came from a respectable source, it’s always a smart move to take any leak and rumor with a grain of salt. So, we advise you to do the same.

Official Hints

Beyond Good and Evil 2 received a new Narrative Designer early this month. Sarah Arellano, who previously worked on World of Warcraft, announced her new job on Twitter; the hiring of a Narrative Designer hints heavily that the game is years away.

About the Game

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a sequel to the original game released in 2003. The original game wasn’t a major financial success. However, it did receive critical acclaim and gained a cult following over time.

The upcoming game has been in development for a long time, with the first rumors originating back in 2007. The sequel was officially re-revealed with an announcement trailer in 2017. Fast forward five years, and we are still waiting without even an estimated release date.

I wonder which one of these games will launch first, Beyond Good and Evil 2, GTA 6, or The Elder Scrolls 6? My money’s on GTA 6. What about yours?

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