Bethesda Tries To Fix Stolen Fallout 76 Inventories

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Fallout 76’s journey has been troublesome, to say the least. The most recent of these troubles included hundreds of players getting their stuff stolen. Last month, several hackers robbed over 500 players of everything in their inventory. Bethesda was quick enough to fix the issue, but at that point the damage was done. You can see the hack at work yourself in the video below.

To make up for this blunder, Bethesda is being more than generous. Reddit user JedediahJedi mentioned in a comment that “Bethesda sent me an email today not only saying I would be getting back a 100% of the items I lost but will also be given 8250 atoms,”.

Apparently, it is impossible for Bethesda to replace the exact stolen items, so the developer has decided to hand out cloned characters from December 20 to those impacted by the hack, along with the microtransaction currency. The exact amount of atoms depends on whether the victim was a Fallout 1st subscriber at the time of the crime. Fallout 1st subscribers get five months' worth of Atoms at 1650 Atoms per month, and those who aren’t members get three months’ worth of Atoms along with three months of Fallout 1st access. The compensation feels more than fair. Considering 5000 Atoms are priced at around $40 in Microsoft Store, that is worth more than the price of the base game itself.

That’s not all, though. To get the other stolen items that have not been given back, players can request a “Secure Trade transfer service” with a Bethesda customer service agent. The agent will then meet the player in a private server and trade their stuff to the player. The Fallout 76 player base seems to be happy for now and Bethesda has solved the issue to some degree.

This whole incident was one of the many blunders that have happened in the last year of Fallout 76. We can only hope that this will be the last one.

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