The Best Essential Accessories For The Upcoming Switch Lite

Stay ahead of the console's upcoming release and prepare by getting these essential accessories.
Check out these essential accessories to have for the Switch Lite ahead of the console's release in September.
Check out these essential accessories to have for the Switch Lite ahead of the console's release in September. Amazon

The official release date of the Nintendo Switch Lite is still a month away, but for those eagerly awaiting this latest handheld console from Nintendo, there’s no better time to prepare for its arrival. As such, even before the system is out, there’s already a huge influx of accessories coming in for the Switch Lite, designed to provide its users with a much better gaming experience.

If you’re also part of this group closely awaiting the release of the dedicated handheld, then it’s also time to consider some essential accessories and peripherals for the Switch Lite. These not only help protect your Switch from various sources, it also provides a ton of intuitive features like added grip comfort, or giving you a place to keep all of your contents in one place, or maybe even just giving you more portability to help you enjoy your Switch Lite better while on the road.

All of that said, let’s take a look at some of the best essential accessories to get for the Nintendo Switch Lite, in preparation of the console’s official release on September 20.

iVoler Transparent HD Clear Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass for the Nintendo Switch

Starting off with the essentials for any handheld console means taking a look at how to best protect its precious screen, and as such here’s a very decent offering from iVoler. This set of four tempered glass screen protectors may seem like overkill to some, but if you want to doubly make sure that you’re always in stock when it comes to accidents for your console, buying more than one piece is a smart and informed purchase.

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This iVoler tempered glass screen protector is specifically designed for use with the Switch Lite, and as such you’ll find it to perfectly fit the dimensions of the handheld console. The ultra-clear glass material allows for unimpeded viewing at any angle, achieved with a 99.9 percent transparency. The glass also comes in at a very thin, yet durable 0.3mm, utilized with resilient, reliable, and scratch-resistant 9H glass. The protector also comes coated in oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprint marks.

YUANHOT Protective Case for Nintendo Switch Lite

The next order of business is to get a decent outer shell for your Switch Lite, and there’s plenty of different options out there, all with differing types of material used. If you want something that’s extremely durable, but won’t weigh too much on your hands, then TPU is a great option; YUANHOT’s lineup of protective cases, coming in three different colors, is a great set to choose from thanks to its affordability and superb quality. It also comes in with some very surprising additional features, which should prove it attractive to players who keep more than one game handy during play sessions.

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This protective case for the Switch Lite boasts a special design, combining soft, shock-absorbent high quality TPU with hard damage-resistant material contoured for hand grips, making it extremely easy on your hands even for elongated play sessions. The case is fully detachable and can be installed and uninstalled in a jiffy without hitches. To add to this, you also get two slots at the back for two additional cartridges, making this a decent must-have for any player who’s playing two or three titles at a time.

FYOUNG Hand Grips for Nintendo Switch Lite

Some players don’t really care much for full-on body protection for their Switch consoles, and would rather settle for a decent hand-grip instead, which is also incredibly useful in some cases. If you’re planning on playing for longer, then going for hand grips may be better thanks to the comfort it can offer your hands; the peripherals’ design allows for ergonomic placement and subtle movement, placing less strain on your hands overall and letting you enjoy your Switch better.

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For these purposes, the FYOUNG hand grips is a very decent option. It’s specifically designed for use with the Switch Lite, which means that you won’t run into any problems with installing it. The ergonomically-designed hand-grips are specifically meant to help alleviate stress, even during longer gaming sessions. The grip can also be shrunk down to a smaller size thanks to its scale-down design, allowing it to be more portable in times when you need it. In addition to all of these, you also get two game cartridge slots at the back, giving you options for what to play on the go.

YUANHOT Crossbody Travel Bag for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

This next peripheral is great for those who want to bring more than just their Switch Lite on their travels, and want to opt into more storage for all their stuff. YUANHOT’s crossbody travel bag combines style with usability, with its sleek design and quality-assured reliability. If you also have a Nintendo Switch system, this crossbody bag is perfect for that, too, as the relatively spacious interior allows space for the dock and some of the other Switch peripherals.

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In tandem with the Switch Lite, you’ll find this crossbody travel bag exemplary thanks to its multiple interior and exterior pockets which keep your console snugly in place. The extra pockets can be utilized to store other accessories like grips or even other controllers, as well as peripherals for a full-sized Nintendo Switch system. The case is made with high-quality, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant material to give your Switch Lite console the protection it needs through long journeys.

HEATFUN Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch Lite

While having a crossbody travel bag maybe a good option for some, there are others who prefer something that’s specifically made with only the Switch Lite in mind. For those instances, it’s good to consider HEATFUN’s carrying case, which comes in a relatively minimalistic design that is made only for the Switch Lite system. It’s also noticeably less bulky, which makes it a better option for players who want to just stick to bare essentials when it comes to gaming on the go with the Switch Lite.

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Despite its smaller size, this carrying case has solidness and rigidity to it thanks to its hard outer protective shell, which should protect your Switch Lite from scratches, dust, debris, weather, and more. It also keeps your Switch Lite securely in place with two straps, while the absence of any zippers on the inside alleviates worries of scratches on your console. The case also has room for other accessories, like a small charger, charging cable, slim power bank, ear buds, and eight game cartridges.

So, what do you think? Which of these essential Switch Lite accessories will you be picking up? Let us know and stay tuned for more recommendations from us for the best deals on the best things in gaming, from peripherals and hardware, to toys and various accessories.

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