Here Are The Nintendo Switch Accessories That Best Fit Your Play Style Needs

From a big screen to your hands, these are some of the essential accessories dependent on how you play.
Whether you use it docked or in handheld mode, there are a myriad of Switch accessories that best fit how you use it.
Whether you use it docked or in handheld mode, there are a myriad of Switch accessories that best fit how you use it. Nintendo

Owners of the Nintendo Switch can attest to the fact that there are two main ways to enjoy playing the console: in handheld mode, where you can play single-player titles for a more personal, up-close experience; or through docked, big picture mode, where you can play titles with your friends for some multiplayer fun. In between these two main modes, there are a myriad of others, each with its own aspect to offer for every kind of discerning player out there.

For the most part, you can start out buying accessories for your Nintendo Switch by just getting the essentials, something along the likes of which you’ll see in this list here. However, if you want to up your game significantly, and get more mileage for your Nintendo Switch, then you’ll do well to check out other specialized accessories for every different kind of need there is.

To help you with that, here’s a list of some of the best Switch accessories for every different need, listed under which kind of Nintendo Switch accessory works best for your play style.

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The “I want more basic accessories stuff” route – P-Jing Nintendo Switch Accessories Kit

If you’ve got some of the essentials and you want to get even more of them, with even more additional stuff, then the best route to go is by purchasing an Accessories Kit, like this really cool and relatively cheap one from P-Jing. It’s got a TPU soft case, an angled stand, steering wheel attachments for your Joy-cons, cases for your cartridges, controller body attachments, soft covers and thumbstick protectors for your Joy-cons, a hardshell carrying case, and a charging dock for Joy-cons, all for under fifty bucks.

Going by market value, it’s kind of hard to beat this one due to the fact that it’s a lot cheaper than buying all of the stuff included individually. That said, it’s more of a purchase that’s a lot more suited for someone starting out with their Switch and does not have all of the essential accessories yet. If you’ve already got one or two of the accessories included, it might be better to look elsewhere.

The Couch Gamer

If you find yourself preferring to play on a big screen, with the Switch docked and controller in hand rather than the whole console, then here are some amazing pick-ups for your Nintendo Switch.

Total Mount for Nintendo Switch

When it comes to media player mounting, no other solution comes close to Total Mount. It’s also one of the best choices to consider if you’re planning on taking your couch gaming to the next level by wall-mounting your docking station. The Total Mount for Nintendo Switch features a relatively minimalistic design, but an extremely durable and well-made frame, designed specifically to be used in conjunction with your wall-mounted TV. It’s also drill-free if you want it, as there are holes for basic screws, or you can opt into stud mounting if you want something more permanent.

The mount features security on all sides, so there’s no fear of it dropping or being displaced. The material is completely metal-free, which means that there’s no Wi-Fi interference for your docked device. The design also allows for heat management through ventilation channels that enable cooling airflow. It also features controller holders for your Joy-cons to safely dangle from, as well as a neat level to make sure that installation goes smoothly.

PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller

The original GameCube controller was an amazing piece of tech that continues to be the controller of choice for countless people, especially for those who grew up with it. Its button placement may be weird now, and outdated for some, but it does have amazing ergonomics with a very sleek design. Now you can experience something very close to the original as PowerA, one of the best third-party controller makers, released this Wireless GameCube-style controller for your Nintendo Switch. It’s a very close replica that handles and feels just like the original, including the button placements and that iconic color scheme.

It’s undoubtedly also one of the best controllers to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with, casually speaking of course. The ABXY button layout on the faceplate may take some time getting used to, but for people who grew up playing GameCube titles, this should be no issue. It also has motion controls included, so you can play it with titles that support motion. It’s also powered by AA batteries, and a single charge can last for up to 30 hours of gameplay.

FASTSNAIL Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Playing on a couch with a Nintendo Switch often means that you’re playing with other people, with titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Super Mario Party. While the Joy-con by itself is enough to play those titles, you can enhance the experience for you and your friends by getting grips for the controllers, which allow them to take on a more ergonomic, easy-to-handle shape. The FASTSNAIL Joy-con grips are perfect for such occasions, and what I would consider to be the best choice to get out of all Joy-con grips out there.

The FASTSNAIL Joy-con grips are made out of a premium rubber material instead of the usual plastic, which results in a scratch-free surface. It’s also quite amazing when it comes to grip, as it doesn’t slip between your fingers while holding it. The ergonomic design also makes it pleasant to hold, going more of a conventional controller route that most players are accustomed to. It also comes in a wide variety of colors, mirroring the choices available for your Joy-cons, or just plain black.

The Handheld Gamer

For a lot of people, the Nintendo Switch is first and foremost a handheld device. While it does manage to strike a certain chord in between handheld and docked, I think that the Switch’s greatest strength lies in how you can hold it between your hands; you can enhance the experience more by grabbing some of these accessories.

ZeroLemon Nintendo Switch Battery Charger Case

Discerning handheld gamers will often have to choose between protection and a longer battery life – I say, why not both? With the ZeroLemon Nintendo Switch battery charger case you can protect the main tablet body of the Switch while giving it an extra kick, as the case itself holds a battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAH. This basically triples your console’s battery life, allowing you to get from around 8 to 12 hours of playing time compared to the 3 to 4 without the case.

It also doubles as a kickstand, as you can prop it on a table and have it stand by itself without any additional accessories needed. The insides that touch your Switch’s backplate are also lined with rubber feet, so you don’t have to worry about scratches and the like. At the side of the case you’ll find ports for both a Type C and micro USB, which means that you can charge the case while you’re using it to charge your Switch.

ProCase Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Do you hate gamer aesthetics when it comes to your accessories? This next accessory may be for you, and is perfect for people who want to discreetly play on their Switch without getting attention – or bulk. ProCase’s carrying case for the Nintendo Switch boasts a very minimalistic design as opposed to the bells and whistles offered by other bulkier, and often bigger, cases, while still keeping the essentials intact. It holds just enough space for your Nintendo Switch handheld console with two Joy-cons attached, as well as five slots for your cartridges.

This ProCase is also lined with a premium quality and highly durable felt material, which is both sturdy and pleasant to the touch. Its simple, yet amazingly stylish design is a breath of fresh air, especially when you consider that there aren’t a lot of gaming accessories that fits this aesthetic. The whole thing is held together by a classic elastic cord and fastener design, which has been tried and tested over the decades. It also comes in three distinct colors, so you can still pick one that speaks the most to you.

DRZERUI Travel Carrying Case for the Nintendo Switch

As appealing as minimalistic designs may be, for the serious gaming type nothing can beat functionality. It’s also one of the key features offered by DRZERUI for their carrying case for the Nintendo Switch, which can hold your entire system and all of its accessories. This one is aimed for both travel and storage, and is easily one of the best choices if you’re opting to go all out with handheld mode gaming. It’s also one of the few cases out there with a design specifically made to hold Pokeball Plus controllers, so consider it a plus if those are the games you mainly play.

It’s not too shabby in terms of design, either. It’s just plain black on the outside with a kind of grooved design, and is not much bigger than your typical messenger bag. Inside, you’ll find room for your dock and all of the cables, your Nintendo Switch with Joy-cons attached, two more slots for another pair of Joy-cons, two Pokeball Plus controller slots, and two Pro Controller slots, should you end up gaming with another friend on the go.

HORI D-Pad Controller (L) for the Nintendo Switch

As amazing as the Switch’s overall design is, there are some people that took offence at some of its design choices, including the lack of the Joy-con’s directional pad, or D-Pad. Some people felt that it pales in comparison to something offered by the Xbox controller, which has a single piece for its D-Pad, as opposed to the Switch's four distanced buttons. If you’re one of these players, but still want to play in handheld mode, then the specialized HORI D-Pad for the Nintendo Switch may be for you.

This single Joy-con replaces your left regular Joy-con, allowing you to play with a unibody D-Pad for use in tighter, much more control-heavy games. It’s perfect for Metroidvanias or 2D platformers, of which there are a lot on the console. However, it’s also only usable when docked on the device; you can’t use it in conjunction with another Joy-con while not attached to the console, meaning that this purchase is only for you if you’re a dedicated handheld gamer. It also comes in two editions: a Mario and a Zelda one.

BONUS: The ‘Car’ Gamer

As amazing as it sounds to people with motion sickness, there are some players who find playing in their car to be amazing experiences, as opposed to vomit- and headache-inducing ones. Nintendo and a lot of third-party manufacturers recognized this market, and so we have some accessories for those who like to game in the middle of the road.

(Friendly reminder that if you’re behind the wheel, do not do anything else besides focusing on your driving. Real life is not like Mario Kart, where crashes are relatively harmless and safe – it’s no joke and should be taken seriously. Playing video games, or doing anything else that takes your attention away from driving is irresponsible to other people, especially your passengers. Stay safe!)

Nintendo Switch High Speed Car Charger

An essential tool when it comes to playing games while in a car is of course a car charger, and for that Nintendo has you covered with this high-speed car charger. It’s specifically built with the Nintendo Switch in mind, as it comes with a relatively long 6ft cable for use in the back row, while the DC 5V / 3.0 A charging power helps you juice your Switch up faster than any other charger can in the market.

Even though it’s technically made by HORI, this car charger is a Nintendo-approved third-party product, which means that you can use it with ease of mind knowing that it’s been tested and approved to be as safe as possible and without the dangers found in other unapproved chargers.

TFY Car Headrest Mount and Silicon Holder for the Nintendo Switch

Playing handheld mode while in a moving vehicle is just asking for headaches and neck pains, and for that reason it’s almost always better to use the Switch with the controllers undocked. Of course, the problem of keeping the tablet in place presents itself, and for that you can get the TFY car headrest mount for the Nintendo Switch. The design is simple, yet so elegant; the wraparound material fits any headrest, either integrated or separate from the seat, and allows for easy access for removal of the device. The holding net is also pretty stable, while keeping your Nintendo Switch free from scratches.

It also works for other tablet devices as well, as long as it’s near the Switch’s size. The silicon holder can also be used with tray tables on planes as well, if you want to play while on a flight.

So, what do you think? Which of these Switch accessories is right for your play style Let us know and stay tuned for more recommendations from us on the best deals on accessories and other peripherals.

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