Five Amazing Physical Release Indie Games, Now Available For The Nintendo Switch

Pad out your physical collection for the handheld console with these five amazing games.
Check out some of the best independent titles with physical releases, now available for the Nintendo Switch.
Check out some of the best independent titles with physical releases, now available for the Nintendo Switch. Devolver Digital

With a ton of independently-made video games released for the console and even more on the way, it’s official – the Nintendo Switch is the best console to play indie titles this generation. There’s something to be said about playing incredibly artistic creations on the go with a handheld console; combined with Nintendo’s redoubled efforts to bring more third-party independent titles to their platform and you’ve got an immensely successful recipe for the Switch.

Of course, having indies on the system also means that there is a huge demand for these games to get physical releases, a sentiment which is rare to come by nowadays. Buying physical releases may get bulky as time goes by and your collection grows, but for all intents and purposes having a physical release lets you feel like you own the game, rather than using a license for it like so many digital games seem to misconstrue.

All of this said, there are a ton of physical independent releases now available on the Switch, but below you’ll find some of the best that you can now play on the platform.

Lost Sphear

The second title of Square Enix’s smaller developing studio Tokyo RPG Factory was an unmistakable hit, even though it did not sell as well as its predecessor, I Am Setsuna. In more ways than one, Lost Sphear is a spiritual successor to the former, sharing thematic elements as well as the Active Time Battle system for its turn-based combat mechanics. Lost Sphear, like I Am Setsuna, was created to emulate the style of various JRPGs in the 1990s, like Chrono Trigger and the older Final Fantasy games.

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Lost Sphear tells the story of a young man named Kanata who sets about on a journey with his friends to stop an ancient evil from taking control of the power of the Moon to recreate the world in his image. It’s a journey fraught with peril and many dangers, but along the way Kanata meets an odd, yet friendly, cast of characters to join him on his quest. Lost Sphear was also released on PC via Steam and on the PlayStation 4.


Digital Sun’s 2D adventure roguelike Moonlighter has been critically acclaimed for its unique gameplay mechanics and engaging characters, and continues to be one of the best roguelikes to play for people who thoroughly enjoy the genre. Published by 11 Bit Studios, Moonlighter focuses its gameplay on two separate and very different aspects: shopkeeping and management similar to Stardew Valley and 2D action RPG combat elements similar to other pixel indies.

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Moonlighter’s story focuses on Will, your regular, run-of-the-mill shopkeeper who dreams of adventuring and becoming a great hero. An archaeological excavation done some time before revealed the Gates, which lead to various realms and dimensions and offers those brave enough to enter them a chance at treasures beyond their wildest imaginations. Will must balance keeping his store in check, while at the same time journeying to these gates with his companions to find the treasure within. Moonlighter is also available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

The critically-acclaimed return of the Monster World series mixes the animal form-switching of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap to create a very solid platforming experience with all the charm that you’ve come to expect of the franchise. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is developed by Game Atelier and published FDG Entertainment, and is the first original game in the series following 1994’s Monster World IV. It also features the return of Ryuichi Nishizawa, who is best known as the creator of the original Wonder Boy in the Monster World series.

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Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom sees you playing as Jin, the latest iteration of the Wonder Boy. His Uncle Nabu has inadvertently released magic that spread chaos throughout the realm, turning everyone into animals; Jin himself turns into a pig. Jin then goes on a quest to recover five animal orbs that will allow everyone to return to normal. However, something much more sinister lurks in the shadows, and Jin must also contend with this if he wants to save the entire kingdom. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom was also released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Dead Cells – Action Game of the Year

Motion Twin’s first big title, the roguelike Metroidvania Dead Cells, is considered to be one of the best modern entries in the genre. Dead Cells won Action Game of the Year at 2018’s The Game Awards, an award well-deserved due to the game’s intricate level design, challenging gameplay and incredibly complex mechanics. The game has been compared positively to the Souls series of titles thanks to harrowing difficulty, with its permadeath gaining notoriety among those who are seeking the most challenging of games.

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Dead Cells’ overall plot is minimalistic, but its core loop revolves around a slime-like being called The Prisoner who has the power to possess bodies in the depths of a prison island. This prison island has fallen into disarray, with many of its inhabitants turned into monsters and other nefarious creatures. While the effective “Head” of The Prisoner is immortal, its possessed bodies are not. Dying sends him back to the depths of the island, living to fight another day until he can complete his quest to escape and find out the mysteries that surround the prison island. Dead Cells is also available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, with versions planned for iOS and Android devices.

Enter the Gungeon: Deluxe Edition

Devolver Digital and Dodge Roll’s critically acclaimed bullet hell roguelike Enter the Gungeon has been available for quite some time now on the Nintendo Switch. However, it has only been recently made available for the very first time as a physical release, this time coming with some very nifty bonuses for those who waited for it to become available in this state. Enter the Gungeon: Deluxe Edition includes all of the game’s released DLC, an exclusive Shotgun Kin playable skin, a set of cute stickers, an exclusive Bullet Kin paper craft, a reversible Jacket Artwork, plus a download code for the Original Soundtrack of the game.

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Enter the Gungeon: Deluxe Edition sees you playing as one of several gungeoneers, adventurers in search of “The Gun That Can Kill The Past,” a powerful artifact that will allow its beholder to change their past. Each of the eight gungeoneers have their own stories to tell, and different starting guns and abilities at their disposal to help them traverse the Gungeon’s many challenges and ultimately uncover the secret of the powerful artifact within. Enter the Gungeon is also available on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

So, what do you think? Which of these amazing indie titles on the Switch will you be picking up? Let us know and stay tuned for more recommendations from us for the best deals on the best things in gaming, from peripherals and hardware, to toys and various accessories.

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