Best Clash Royale Decks Arena 4 - 7: 5 Good Decks And Strategy For Winning Trophies After Latest Update

best clash royale decks strategy good decks arena 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 new cards update pekka decks
Looking for the best Clash Royale decks to use after the May update? Check out these five Arena 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 decks and strategies to win more trophies an d get ahead in the game. Supercell

Looking for some good Arena 3-7 Clash Royale decks that are winning players trophies after the May 3 update? Check out these decks submitted by readers including decks with newly added cards.


May 3 brought a huge update to Clash Royale, including new cards, balancing changes and updates to the in-game store. While the update didn’t heavily affect my personal gameplay, it still brought new possibilities for how our decks may be chosen. Over the last week, we had quite a few readers send us in decks and strategies they’ve been using to win trophies inside of Arenas 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Below we’ve included a handful of our favorite decks submitted along with the accompanying strategies. Check them out, and if you have a killer deck you’d like to see featured on our site, be sure to send it to us!

If you are just getting started playing Clash Royale, we do have a  beginner’s strategy guide  to help you get more wins, or to see earlier best decks and strategy posts, check out all our  Clash Royale tagged posts, here.

Happy Clashing!

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Best Clash Royale Decks: Good Decks And Strategies For Arena 3-6

Deck #1 – Submitted by Little Lolly (Arena 5-6)

best clash royale decks strategy good decks arena 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 new cards update pekka decks wiki guide tips tricks
Arena 5-6 Deck Photo: Little Lolly
  • Fire Spirits (Level 6)
  • Archers (Level 8)
  • Skeleton Army (Level 2)
  • Musketeer (Level 5)
  • Fireball (Level 5)
  • Valkyrie  (Level 5)
  • Hog Rider (Level 5)
  • Goblin Barrel (Level 2)

Average Elixir:   3.6

Highest Number of Trophies :   -- 1763

Crown Tower Level - 7

Strategies For Using This Deck

This deck is quite versatile. It can easily switch from defensive to offensive mode, and is really good at countering. Your main defensive combo is going to be Musketeer and Valkyrie. Defend and counter until double elixir time. Then, start a push at the back with musketeer, then add archers and at the bridge add Valkyrie and hog rider. If you really wanna go for it, add in the goblin barrel.

Fire sprits : takes out minion horde very well

Archers: good defensive troop when placed behind the tower. Great paired with musketeer

Skeleton Army : use to stop tanks, hog, and prince.

Musketeer: the winning card of this deck. Out it behind Valkyrie or hog rider for massive damage!

Fireball: use to take out barbarians witch, wizard, archers, and musketeer preferably hitting a tower or tank with it. Can be used on towers for a clutch win.

Valkyrie: Use it to take out low elixir cards and tank for ranged troops. Good with hog rider.

Hog rider : great for tanking and getting good damage. Use it to clear out bomb towers.

Goblin barrel : add it to your final push for support. It is an optional card and could be replaced by another support troop.


Deck #2 – Submitted by Hunter1228 (Arena 5 - 7)

best clash royale decks strategy good decks arena 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 new cards update pekka decks wiki guide tips tricks
Clash Royale, Arean 5-7 Deck Photo: Hunter1228
  • Minions (Level 8)
  • Cannon (Level 7)
  • Goblins (Level 7)
  • Zap (Level 8)
  • Spear Goblins (Level 7)
  • Valkyrie (Level 5)
  • Hog Rider (Level 4)
  • Fireball (Level 5)

Average Elixir:   3.0

Highest Number of Trophies :  1900

Crown Tower Level:   --

Strategies For Using This Deck

This deck got me into arena 6 and has a 3.0 elixir average, so you can cycle through the troops very fast. Also, it doesn't use any epic cards. This deck almost always has a guaranteed 1 tower win. The only thing that can really counter this deck is bomb tower. I usually always place the cannon down before I attack. You then cycle through your troops (I'd say go with spear gobs and then regular gobs, then maybe minions) until you get to the hog rider. You the want to either save 6 or 8 Elixr, as you will be attacking now, unless he attacks, then stop that attack with fireball or cannon. Then you want to send either just the hog or hog and spear gobs/regular gobs behind it. You should be able to get to his tower. You then want to zap the tower and whatever else he places to counter your push. If done correctly, you can take up to half his tower. Do this a couple more times until you have a tower down. You then want to defend until the game is over.


Deck #3 – submitted by RogueButchering (Arena 4, 5 and 6)

best clash royale decks strategy good decks arena 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 new cards update pekka decks wiki guide tips tricks
Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-6 Photo: RogueButchering
  • Goblins (Level 7)
  • Zap (Level 6)
  • Skeletons (Level 6)
  • Fireball (Level 4)
  • Cannon (Level 6)
  • Spear Goblins (Level 7)
  • Hog  Rider (Level 4)
  • Mini Pekka ( Level 5)

Average Elixir:  2.8

Highest Number of Trophies :   --

Crown Tower Level : 7

Strategy For Using This Deck

The main push in this deck are the hog rider and goblins. This best part of this deck is that it has great defense as the cannon, fireball, zap and mini pekka provide a counter for nearly everything. The Fireball counters barbs or minion horde and even spawner. The zap counters small troops or stuns big troops in your tower range and cannon is a great defense building for wearing away at hogs or plain defense. Mini Pekka is the best counter, skeletons are good for big troops


Deck #4 – Submitted by SwitchingTime (Arena 3 -4)

best clash royale decks strategy good decks arena 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 new cards update pekka decks wiki guide tips tricks
Clash Royale Arena 3-4 Deck Photo: SwitchingTime
  • Archers (Level 6)
  • Baby Dragon (Level 1)
  • Bomber (Level 6)
  • Skeleton Army (Level 1)
  • Barbarians (Level 6)
  • Giant (Level 4)
  • Musketeer (Level 4)
  • Valkyrie (Level 4)

Average Elixir:   4.1

Highest Number of Trophies :   -- 1255

Crown Tower Level - 5

Strategies For Using This Deck

This deck is extremely tempo-oriented, and needs to be played adaptively to succeed. A lot of it is response-based since you can almost always take down your opponent's threat and have your guys still standing, which you can follow up by throwing down a card that contrasts the one currently up (i.e. using baby dragon to beat minions and then playing barbarians).

It comes prepared to take on any type of enemy: swarm to defeat big guys, lots of aerial damage to handle minions/big flyers and pick off weenies, big guys to seriously threaten the board, and swarm clears.

What I like about this deck is how flexible it is--if you need to take down a swarm but don't have barbarian or bomber, you can counter with your own swarm, or drop a dragon. Big guy but no swarm? Try a sniper and archers. You can improvise and succeed.

That being said, it's really important to note that you're constantly walking the line here, so if you make a single mistake it can cost you the game. I've lost a few too many games where I placed my guys too close or far and lost a tower, or played x minion only to realize y would have been better a second later. So the faster on your feet, the better.


Deck #5 – Submitted by AyoraBlue (Arena 4-5)

best clash royale decks strategy good decks arena 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 new cards update pekka decks wiki guide tips tricks
Clash Royale Deck Arena 4-5 Photo: AyoraBlue
  • Prince (Level 2)
  • Minion Horde (Level 7)
  • Barbarians (Level 7)
  • Rocket (Level 5)
  • Valkyrie (Level 4)
  • Rage (Level 2)
  • Arrows (Level 7)
  • Musketeer (Level 5)


Average Elixir:   4.4

Highest Number of Trophies :  1650

Crown Tower Level: 7

Strategies For Using This Deck

Rocket - Eliminates most of the garrisons and defense if can take out more than 1 building or a group

Minion Horde – good for long-range attacks combined with rage spell. Definite destruction of one castle and 50% castle leading to victor when combined with any -- especially with Musketeer, barbarians and prince - side by side. The only threat would be arrows or Dragon and Giant combinations.

Waiting till other player's deployment is important. If there is a Giant, Dragon, Musketeer combo, then the Prince must be used wisely.  


Do you have a winning deck that helped you progress to Arena 5 and beyond? Email and if we like it, we’ll feature it. And, of course, give you props for the tip.


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