Clash Royale May Update Balancing Changes Announced: Bomb Tower Finally Getting The Downgrade It Deserves

clash royale may update balancing changes cards best decks more chests
Supercell announced card balancing changes coming in the May 3 update. Check them out here. Supercell

The next Clash Royale update is scheduled to drop May 3 as Supercell revealed Friday card balancing changes that would be coming to the game in addition to earlier announced changes. While eight different cards will see balancing changes, the one I was most personally grateful to have knocked down a notch is the bomb tower, which will now be reduced to just 40 seconds of life instead of the ridiculously long one-minute life. According to Supercell, the 60-second bomb tower life made it “a little too dominant and difficult to deal with in the low to mid-Arenas.” By reducing its life by 20 seconds it’ll be far more manageable. Below are all the other card balancing changes the company announced. To see other changes such as card caps and store pricing revealed earlier in the week, check out our rundown, here.

Clash Royale May Update Card Balancing Changes

clash royale may update balancing changes cards best decks more chests
8 cards will receive balancing changes in the May 3 update. Photo: iDigitalTimes

Mortar - Card gets deployment time increased to 5 sec while decreasing damage by 10%

Elixir Collector – this card will have its hitpoints decreased by 20%

Cannon – this card will have its hitpoints decreased by 11% to balance its value in comparison with other 3 Elixir cards.

Royal Giant – this card gets its Range increased by 1 so that he outranges most defensive buildings, hopefully leading to greater use.

Mirror - Common and Rare Cards will be mirrored 1 level higher

Valkyrie – this card will not only receive damage but also pushback when hit by fireballs. The company felt the Valkyrie was just a little “too tough” in its current form. This change will make it more consistent with other small to mid-sized troops.

Mini P.E.K.K.A – this card will also be affected by pushback changes when hit with a Fireball.

Supercell also noted that the May update to Clash Royale will fix a bug that would cause the game not to handle attack ranges consistently. For example, when two units with the same range encountered each other, they didn’t always attack at the same time.

What do you think of the balancing changes coming in the May 3 Clash Royale Update? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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