Beşiktaş Takes Title At CS:GO DreamHack Showdown Valencia 2019

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Beşiktaş Esports wins DreamHack Showdown Valencia 2019.
Beşiktaş Esports wins DreamHack Showdown Valencia 2019. DreamHack

After a three-day fight, European CS:GO Team Beşiktaş Esports took home the top prize at the DreamHack Showdown Valencia 2019. The win gives the team $50,000, with a more important prize being a direct invite to the DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019 this October.

To say that Beşiktaş dominated the tournament would be an understatement. During the Group Stage, the team was placed with Counter Logic Gaming Red, FOREVER 21, and 7PM.fe. The first match of the group was Beşiktaş against 7PM.fe on the Inferno Map. The first round saw Beşiktaş take the lead with 13-2. While the second round was closer, it still went to Beşiktaş. The top performer of this match was Petra "Petra" Stoker.

In the Winner's Match, Beşiktaş played against Counter Logic. The map this time was Train. Beşiktaş won the first round 9-6 and the second round at 7-2. Surprising nobody, Petra was again the top performer.

In the Semifinals, Beşiktaş faced off against Dignitas Female. The first map was Nuke and in the round, Beşiktaş took control of the match winning 11-4. The second round was somewhat of a surprise with Beşiktaş not even giving Dignitas Female a single win. Dignitas attempted to win a game with Dust II. Indeed, the first round went to Dignitas, beating Beşiktaş 9-6. However, Beşiktaş quickly left Dignitas in the dust, pun intended, with score of 10-2. The overall result of 16-11 meant that the match went to Beşiktaş.

The Grand Finals turned out to be a sort of rematch against Counter Logic. The first game went to Beşiktaş with the team winning both rounds. Counter Logic however did not take the loss sitting down and this happened on the Mirage map. Out of Counter Logic's 10 wins in the first round, nine of these were team kills. In the second round, Beşiktaş only managed one win against five from Counter Logic.

The finals went down the line and moved to the third match. Beşiktaş took the first seven wins before Counter Logic managed one win. While it followed more of an exchange between the two teams, time ended up running out with Beşiktaş in the lead 11-4. This meant that in the next round Counter Logic needed to lead with at least seven wins. However the round ended with both teams getting five wins. Beşiktaş was crowned champion with a total score of 16-9.

As the winner of the Showdown, Beşiktaş qualifies for the DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019 and is the first team to join the tournament.

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