Bear’s Restaurant Now on Nintendo Switch

Serve a happy last meal.
Serve a happy last meal. Odencat Inc

What do people do when they’re at the end of the line but want to do something before moving on? They can always head on to Bear’s Restaurant and have their last meal. Now available on Nintendo Switch, the game takes players to a mysterious place where they play the role of a “Cat” and work as a waiter. As the title implies, the chef is none other than a “Bear.”

Released two years ago on mobile, this is the first time it arrives on a new platform.

The Story

So what’s the story and gameplay about? This restaurant is a place where the dead have their last supper, which features their favorite dish when they were alive. As the waiter, you need to know and find out the favorite dishes of the customers. You can do this by “diving” into the memories of each.

However, it’s not that simple. When examining memory shards, you will see how the customer died, not a pleasant thing to watch. So it’s up to you whether to look into the fragments.

New on Switch

There are some new things that this new platform offers. One of these is to be able to enjoy the beautiful pixel art on the full screen. In addition, the controls are simple and allow players to move at their own pace, much like reading a novel.

There is also an exclusive episode called the “Epilogue.” Bear has left the restaurant and it’s up to you to make sure that things run smoothly. Helping players is the new employee “Rabbit,” but the problem is that she’s a bit clumsy.

If you like the game's music, have fun listening to the original soundtrack. Not only does it have many of the original songs but even new ones added to the Switch. It’s priced at about $16.

In a statement, developer Daigo shared that he has been receiving lots of messages from different players. Some were from people who lost someone, facing grief. Daigo went on to say that learning how the game helped ease their pain, made his dream of creating a good game come true.

Are you ready to help the dead move on in Bear’s Restaurant?

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