Battletoads Crosses 1-Million Player Mark Within Two Months of Release

Some interesting figures.
Some interesting figures. Rare

It looks like Battletoads is off to a good start as two months after its release, it already has exceeded one million players. The game was released on August 20 for the PC and Xbox One. In addition to the number of players, developer Rare also shared other interesting figures.

Over the past two months it seems that players have collectively died 80,037,506 times in Battletoads. More than half of these were a result of turbo bike crashes, which means that some things never change. However, it’s good to know that players have revived their fellow ‘Toads 2,880,267 times while managing to gather 8,677,560 collectibles along the way.

The most selected ‘Toad has been Rash, being chosen 1,186,566 times. Players have given Porkshank, the first level boss, 1,562,508 beatings.

While the game may be difficult for some, the fastest full game speedrun was completed by Fuzzyness at 1:38:51.

Those who are interested to have Sea of Thieves sessions between Battletoads brawls can still get the Fightin' Frogs Ship Set. This is still unlockable for free by players of both games. For Battletoads, just complete Act I to earn the green livery. It’s important to have the same profile as your Sea of Thieves progress if you want the free cosmetics.

In a post, Paul Collins from Rare said that with the release of Battletoads, the development team has been keeping a close watch on how players responded. He added that it has “been wonderful to see the positive reception from so many players and journalists, celebrating how the game stays true to form in its multi-genre, couch co-op nature, all wrapped up in that Saturday morning cartoon styling.”

For those who can’t get enough of Battletoads, there are a lot of goodies available. There’s The Lost Adventure comic series, for example, where players and fans can learn more about what led to the events of the new Battletoads game. The first issue already dropped on October 21 and you can read about it here. Still not enough? Players can enjoy some audio accompaniment with an album offering 32 tracks. Listen to it through Spotify here.

Battletoads is available for the PC and Xbox One, and can be downloaded through Xbox Game Pass for those who are subscribers.

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