The Battletoads Are Back And There’s A Lot To Enjoy

The boys are back!
The boys are back! Rare

It’s been almost three decades since the first Battletoads game was released. Since then, the series has expanded and has seemingly come to an end with Battletoads Arcade in 1994. Fans have long been waiting for what’s going to happen next.

Well, it looks like the wait is finally over as Zitz, Rash, and Pimple are back with a new adventure. The latest version of Battletoads is finally here and is available for the PC and Xbox One worldwide. This time around, players are going on an outer-space adventure that offers different gameplay like brawling action, precision platforming, and spce battles. For additional good news, there’s no need to go through everything alone, since up to three players can go at it together for some co-op play.

In the days leading up to the official launch, there have been a number of ways offered to everyone in order to be able to experience more Battletoads. There’s the Art Contest, which started on August 7 and runs through September 4. Learn more about this exciting event here.

Then there’s the Battletoads EP where everyone can stream and download the official soundtrack. That way, you can listen to it anytime you want. Get a load of the soundtrack here.

Fans can also enjoy the three-part comic series which was made possible in partnership with Titan Comics. It’s going to tell the story of the “lost adventure,” and bridge the gap between what happened in Battletoads Arcade up to today. Get to enjoy the stories here.

You can even show everyone just how much you love the series with merchandise available from the official Rare store. There’s t-shirts, mugs, badges, coasters, collector coins, and even phone cases. There are also the Porkshank pig boss underpants and limited edition “Toad-emblazoned trainers.”

Enjoy the latest merch.
Enjoy the latest merch. Rare

In a post, Rare Lead Designer Paul Collins shared that it was a privilege to work with Dlala Studios on this game and that they hope that they’ve “made something that existing fans of the series can enjoy while offering plenty of reasons for more people to become fans of these lovable Toads today.” He went on to say that they thank everyone and “hope that the game brings you as much joy as we had making it.”

Battletoads is available now for the PC and Xbox One.

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