Battlefield 2042 First Update for Season 1 Zero Hour Now Live

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Battlefield 2042 launch may not have been very ideal, but thanks to today’s update, the state of the game is going to get a little better. Update 1.1.0 is the first update of Season 1: Zero Hour, and it brings several QoL features, balancing changes, and a ton of bug fixes.

Several DMRs are buffed for long-range combat, and the headshot multipliers of BSV-M/DM7, SVK, and VCAR are increased. The patch also buffed the bullet speed of BSV-M, SVK, VCAR, and DM7. They should hit their targets a little faster now.

You can read the highlights of the patch below.

  • A new widget has been added to the Main Menu which shows how many friends are currently online. You'll now also see the number of online friends directly in the Social tab.
  • Voice Chat options now show you which device is being used for voice input
  • A Party Leader icon has been added to the Social menu
  • Changing Squads while in a party now automatically sets your VoIP setting to Party
  • Weapon Charms should now always be visible on weapons while scrolling through the menu
  • The Zoom button now functions correctly when previewing Charms in the catalog
  • Zooming in/out has been made smoother while in preview menus
  • Reduced XP reward of Spot Assists to 10 XP
  • The Commorose now shows shortened objective names so the text doesn't clip or overlap
  • The Nearby Players list now accurately reflects nearby teammates
  • Players dying due to friendly fire no longer show up as an enemy in the Kill Feed
  • The Need Spotting Commorose command no longer displays empty text in the game feed
  • Player name tags no longer change position while occluded by cover
  • You'll no longer see a hit indicator when shooting a dead enemy
  • Anti-Air and Anti-Tank lock-on missiles will now acquire new targets without a delay. This should make switching targets significantly smoother
  • Anti-Tank missiles now also lock on to empty vehicles to prevent you from losing your target if the target vehicle is abandoned
  • Overall target acquisition for lock-on missiles has been improved
  • The YG-99 would sometimes look a little banged up in the collection screens. We've buffed it out
  • While flying an aircraft, the yawing input now stops when the mouse is not moving.
  • Damage markers distance to center updated in vehicles to solve overlapping HUD
  • Vehicle grenade crosshairs no longer display the wrong ammo
  • AK24 no longer incorrectly shows it has a single rate of fire
  • Updated DDM4 magazines so bullets are not shown through scopes
  • Laser sights would stop working while in 1P when a player would switch equipment or enter in a vehicle. This no longer happens
  • Exiting a vehicle with the DXR-1 triggers no longer triggers the bipod deploy animation

You can read the complete patch notes via the official site.

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