Battlefield 2042 to Introduce VoIP and Changes to Weapon Attachments in Update 4.0

Battlefield 2042: Update 4.0
Battlefield 2042: Update 4.0 EA

Battlefield 2042 is getting a new update on April 19, and it is a big one. It will bring VoIP for parties and squads, a new scoreboard showing at the end of rounds, and several bug fixes.


Voice chat has always been a prominent feature in first-person shooter games. Using comms, players can make strategic plans before executing or just have fun while running the enemy team down. Battlefield 2042 developers included the VoIP option in the upcoming update. Players can choose to enable voice chat with squads, and hopefully, get better team coordination. But there can be toxic players that would ruin this experience. So, here's where the second option is for: the Party Chat VoIP. If selected, players can only chat in the exclusive channel of the party.

Weapon Attachments

The upcoming update is going to make weapon attachments unique to the player’s playstyle. Every attachment will be different from each other and comes with its own pros and cons. Compensators, grips, scopes, and magazines will have unique elements that define their ups and downs. The developers suggested experimenting with these variations to get a better feel and possibly discover your personal playstyle.

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0

  • Made several improvements to Kill Assists
    • Damage Assists trigger from a lower damage threshold, improving consistency and clarity
    • EMP Grenades now trigger Assists more reliably
    • Assists can now trigger when a teammate kills an enemy and either of them were covered in smoke you deployed.
  • Fixed EMP effects persisting on screen
  • Fixed a bug where equipping a weapon attachment from the item reveal menu would in some scenarios reset the full customization on that weapon back to defaults
  • Fixed a bug where the player's saved customization would sometimes be reset to defaults after joining a server
  • Simplified keybinds for Chat and VoIP
  • Switch weapon for Gunner can now be properly bound in key bindings
  • Airplane and Helicopter sensitivity settings added to the Options menu
Matchmaking and Social
  • Fixed a matchmaking error that could occur after quitting a Hazard Zone server
  • Matchmaking information is now visible on the Player Card screen
  • Fixed a bug where a user encounters a matchmaking loop and gets sent back to the lobby.
  • Disbanding a party before joining it no longer incorrectly shows the “Remove EA Friend” prompt

You can read more about the update here.

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