Steam's Massive Library Update Goes Live

The highly anticipated is here and it is a big one!
The highly anticipated is here and it is a big one! Steam

The updated Steam library first went into beta testing last month. Now, it has gone live and is official. Valve just recently announced that the latest update to the release version of Steam is here. It will reportedly bring some significant changes that will overhaul the game library. What is more, the update promises to make the new Remote Play Together beta client available to everyone.

There is no doubt that Valve has made wonderful work on the Steam library update. It is just really impressive and better than the previous ones. Also, it makes information like achievements and playtime more visible, while offering the best customization and organization options so far.

More of the changes brought by the massive update are reportedly related to Steam's social aspects, especially when you compare them to the storefront. For instance, it is now easier to see if your friends are playing online. You can even make in-game events a lot easier than before. And even if you mainly use Steam as a launcher, you will absolutely see the huge improvements over its old layout.

Remote Play Together, on the other hand, still remains in beta and is open to everyone following the Steam Library update. In other words, it is not only restricted to people who want to take part in the client’s beta version.

The feature basically enables users on remote PCs to play local multiplayer games together. Not only does it support up to four players, but it can also offer more "in ideal conditions." Of course, this still depends on the user’s quality of connection.

To access the Remote Play Together feature, just launch the game you want to play and bring up your Steam friends list. From there, right-click the person you would want to play with and select the Remote Play Together option. It is really simple and, as mentioned above, it should be able to work as intended as long as you have a good connection.

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