Battle Brothers: Update 1.5 “Of Flesh and Faith” DLC Now Available

Battle Brothers Of Flesh and Faith DLC
Battle Brothers Of Flesh and Faith DLC Twitter/@OverhypeStudios

Update 1.5 for Battle Brothers is here, and it brings the Of Flesh and Faith DLC, along with some balancing changes, general improvements, and bug fixes. Of Flesh and Faith features two new origins: the Oathtakers and the Anatomists.

Battle Brothers is a 2D turn-based tactical RPG set in a medieval fantasy, procedurally-generated open world. You take control of a mercenary company where you’ll engage in complex turn-based battles. There’s a Permadeath feature as well where characters that are killed stay dead even after battle.

Aside from the new DLC, there are tons of other changes in Update 1.5. Some skills like Cascade and Aimed Shot have their costs reduced to 13 and 20 fatigue, respectively. Aimed Shot also has its action points cost reduced from eight to seven.

Weapon prices have been adjusted as well. Basically, top-tier one-handed weapons are now cheaper than before. High-end two-handed weapons, however, got a bit more expensive.

In addition, some issues with certain contracts have been resolved. For instance, the issue with the “Break Siege” contract where allied troops might chase some unrelated enemies is fixed.

Patch Notes

  • Changed Agent retinue member to now reveal both contracts and settlement situations, but no longer to affect relations gain or decay
  • Changed Negotiator retinue member to have the Agent's old effect on relations gain and decay in addition to his current effect of getting you better payment for contracts
  • Changed "Manhunters" origin to have a Company Ledger item that helps keep track of the number of Indebted and Non-Indebted in the company
  • Changed "Head Hunter" perk to no longer lose stacks on misses
  • Changed the bonus damage from the "Throwing Mastery" perk against targets 2 tiles away to 30%
  • Changed the "Nine Lives" perk to grant between 11 to 15 hit points, up from 5 to 10, when saving a character
  • Changed the fatigue cost of the "Footwork" skill to 20
  • Changed the "Pound" skill to ignore an additional 10% of armor on hits to the head, and an additional 10% with the "Flail Mastery" perk
  • Changed Orc Warlords to be more inspiring to lesser orcs
  • Changed Ijirok to have slightly more health and slightly better stats
  • Fixed an issue with how targets of the "Big Game Hunt" contract could immediately wander off and would be hard to find
  • Fixed an issue with how the reward of the "Raid Caravan" contract is determined
  • Fixed an issue with the ability of the Alchemist follower to not consume a crafting component
  • Fixed an issue where characters would lose potion effects after battles in which they did not take part in
  • Fixed an issue where characters in certain formation slots would not have training effects reduced or removed after arena fights

Battle Brothers Update 1.5 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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