Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 4 Release Date Revealed

Batman: The Enemy Within's fourth episode releases next week.
Batman: The Enemy Within's fourth episode releases next week. Telltale

Batman: The Enemy Within, the second season of Telltale’s original Batman series, got off to a great start with its first three episodes. We now know when the story will continue, when Bruce’s possible spiral into villany returns on Jan. 23.

The Enemy Within Episode 4, What Ails You, sees Bruce continue to deal with The Pact, the group of villains that includes Harley Quinn, Bane, Mr. Freeze and the proto-Joker John Doe. Dealing with The Pact is always trouble, but that will escalate when Bruce’s cover is finally blown.

The Pact isn’t the only danger Bruce faces. Amanda Waller, head of the Agency, knows Bruce’s biggest secret and is happy to let the world know if Bruce doesn’t play nice. But playing nice with Waller means leaving Gordon and the Gotham police in the gutter. Basically, there’s no way to make everyone happy, but plenty of ways to make everyone upset.

Turning on The Pact also has some severe consequences with Bruce’s relationship with John Doe. Doe isn’t quite “The Joker” yet, and is in a very fragile state between his friendship with Bruce and one-sided romance with Harley Quinn. While he’s maintained a facade of friendliness so far, Doe seems ready to snap at the first person to wrong him, and that could be you, depending on the choices you make.

We also will need to see a resolution for the huge cliffhanger presented in the closing seconds of Episode 3. Without revealing too much, a character’s life hangs in the balance. Saving the character might put much more in jeopardy, so it’ll be a fine line to walk for Bruce. How will it all play out? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 4 will be available to play on Jan. 23 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

So what do you think? Are you excited to play through the next chapter of Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within? Where do you think the story will go next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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