Barotrauma Update v0.15.13.0: General Changes and Bug Fixes

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Barotrauma recently received a new update that brought some changes and bug fixes. The developers have made the captain job optional in the latest update. If no player is selected captain during role selection, no one will be forced to play that role. This change is really good, especially for those who don't want to play captain.

Additionally, the developers have fixed an issue where the characters get reset in the multiplayer campaign if they are spectating at the end of the round. This issue was annoying because players had to customize all the options once again.

Barotrauma Update v0.15.13.0


  • Improvements to Korean localization.
  • Added rewards to side objective missions (hunting grounds, beacon).
  • Reduce Pyromaniac's burning damage increase from 40% to 25%.


  • Fixed crash on startup when using mods that remove the small icons from job prefabs.
  • Fixed bots being unable to find their way to the submarine if they switch to the "find safety" state outside the sub.
  • Fixed bots often being unable to find a way to leaks they're trying to weld.
  • Fixed crashing when a monster was just about to turn to a husk when the round ends.
  • Fixed opened item disappearing when switching to the test mode from the sub-editor.
  • Fixed Artie Dolittle's ID card not working in the player's sub after he's hired.
  • Fixed category labels (sufficient skills to fabricate, requires recipe, etc) disappearing from the fabricator's item list when searching.
  • Fixed prisoner's uniform using a wrong texture file.
  • Fixed inability to edit pulse laser's power consumption in the sub-editor.
  • Fixed an exploit in Pressure Stabilizer crafting recipe.
  • Fixed an exploit in Fixfoam Grenade deconstruction recipe.
  • Fixed crash when selecting a gene splicer and hovering over its inventory slot in the sub-editor.
  • Fixed bots being unable to use hardened and dementonite tools.
  • Fixed a typo in Tinkering cooldown reduction description.
  • Fixed inactive reactors electrocuting low-skill characters when rewired.
  • Fixed ignore orders carrying over when switching subs, causing them to target random items in the new sub.
  • Fixed dementonite knives being sold in stores.
  • Fixed contained items impact sounds being played when the item they're inside hits the floor.
  • Fixed True Potential instant kills not properly giving kill credit (achievements, other talents).
  • Fixed Gene Harvester incorrectly checking the owner of the talent's submarine rather than the killer's.

You can read more about the update here.

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