Back 4 Blood: Prophet Dan Cleanses Enemies in Children of the Worm Expansion

Children of the Worm Expansion (August 2022 Update)
Children of the Worm Expansion (August 2022 Update) Twitter/@back4blood

There’s a new cleaner in Back 4 Blood, and his name is “Prophet” Dan.

New Cleaner: "Prophet" Dan
New Cleaner: "Prophet" Dan Twitter/@back4blood

This gun-toting Irishman is introduced in the second expansion of the game, Children of the Worm. His mission is to save his followers he lovingly calls his “flock,” and will stop at nothing until he successfully reclaims them.

Word has it that there’s an alarming rise in the attacks on survivors along the coast of Kanowa River, so players should start investigating there to find out what happened.

The Children of the Worm expansion has plenty to offer. It features an all-new six-chapter campaign where players will face an unknown adversary. At some point, they will come across a Duffel Bag that they can carry until the end of the mission for a reward.

There are a few reasons why players should think about using “Prophet” Dan on missions. The first is that he can provide a random effect when reviving teammates. The second is that he increases team damage resistance and knockback immunity, which can be helpful against the new threat. And third, players get enhanced combat prowess in case anyone in the team is incapacitated.

"Prophet" Dan is available in both Campaign and Swarm PvP for those who purchased the expansion. Players who do not want to spend can still use the new cleaner by unlocking him in Swarm PvP.

Here are the other features introduced in the new expansion:

  • 4 new enemies: The Children of the Worm
    • These enemies are neither human nor Ridden, and have lots of new tricks... and traps... ready to use on any Cleaners who stand in their way.
  • 14 new cards, including the addition of Improvised Cards
    • 1 new Burn Card
    • 11 new Player Cards
    • 2 new Director Cards
  • 3 new items
    • Bear Trap
    • Bait Jar
    • Smoke Grenade
  • 3 new weapons
    • Lockjaw
    • Bow
    • Iron Claws
  • 8 new Expansion 2 exclusive Cleaner Skins
    • Travel back in time and see what the Cleaners' lives were like before the collapse.
  • 2 new non-Expansion Cleaner Skins
    • New Skins for Holly and Mom
  • 12 new Expansion 2 exclusive Weapon Skins
  • New banners, sprays, and emblems
  • Fort Hope Firing Range update
    • Added new Expansion 2 weapons to the firing range
    • Mini-gun added
  • New Achievements and Accomplishments

So, what can you say about the latest expansion? Are you going to be using “Prophet” Dan?

Back 4 Blood: Children of the Worm is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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