Back 4 Blood: Full Deck Draw Now Possible in June 2022 Update

June 2022 Update
June 2022 Update Turtle Rock Studios

The June 2022 Update for Back 4 Blood is now available on all platforms. This update brings a lot of interesting new features, including Full Deck Draw and a new player kicking system, among others.

One of the most noteworthy features added in the June 2022 Update is the Full Deck Draw. If you are new to Back 4 Blood, the game used to give you a deck that contains 15 cards but only five cards can be drawn at a time. These cards help influence several things. Corruption Cards, for example, provide random modifiers that can make the campaign harder depending on which card is drawn.

That said, the Full Deck Draw feature just allows you to play all 15 cards from your deck at the start of a campaign, and this applies to all difficulty levels.

Another useful feature that was added in this patch is an improved player kicking system. This new system is better at identifying those who misbehave, such as players who are idle for long periods or those who deal too much friendly-fire damage. Once it detects some bad Cleaners, you can have them kicked out of the mission.

Update Highlights

  • New banners, sprays, and emblems
  • 12 New Burn Cards
  • New Warped Chest Corruption Cards
  • New Cleaner skins
  • A more detailed breakdown of Supply Points, Copper, and Skull Totems is now present on the post-round screen
  • Weapon drops have been rebalanced to better scale with the Full Deck Draw feature
  • A toolkit can now be used to unlock a free heal from a First Aid Cabinet
  • Improvements made to movement smoothing when an item or weapon is dropped
  • Removed damage rounding up to 1.0 so damage from smaller sources can be properly reduced, such as acid pools
Cleaner Updates
  • Heng's item drop rate has been adjusted based on damage taken
    • At 5 damage there is a 10% chance
    • At 50 damage there is a 20% chance
    • At greater than 50 damage there is a 33% chance
  • Holly's abilities have been refactored.
    • Ability changed to 1 health restored on kill (previously 10 stamina on kill)
    • No longer gains stamina on kill
General Card Updates
  • Starter Deck updated to match with the new Full Deck Draw feature. It now also contains:
    • 3 Health
    • 3 Ammo
    • 2 Stamina
    • 2 Fortune
  • Intel in Chapters has been adjusted to the following:
    • All difficulties now have 3 Random Intel per Chapter, previously 1
    • Non-No Hope difficulties now have 1 Basic Intel per Chapter, previously .4
    • No Hope difficulty now has 1 Basic Intel per Chapter, previously 2
  • Batter Up
    • Now named "Soften Up"
    • No longer gives Health or Melee Damage
    • Melee hits now permanently reduce the target's outgoing damage by 3%, up to 15%

Back 4 Blood June 2022 Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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