Avorion: Patch 2.2.2 Brings Some Changes to Rift

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Avorion is a procedural third-person co-op space sandbox that allows you to create your own fleet and do what you want with it. You can go the peaceful route and make trades with other factions or become the villain and create a ship fully equipped with guns capable of taking enemies out easily.

Anyway, Patch 2.2.2 brings some changes to Rift. A Rift in Avorion is a dimension found in the galaxy that you can go into. You can complete missions and receive powerful hybrid subsystems in return. Speaking of which, Patch 2.2.2 adds more rift missions to the mission boards of Rift Research Centers.

Aside from that, things found on rifts are now less far apart on lower rift depths. This is probably to ensure that you get what you’re looking for faster than before.

You can read the other changes implemented in this update below:

  • Rifts: Gravity anomalies are now further away from mission targets to avoid interference
  • Rifts: Reworked "Applied Xenology" rift mission to make it easier to defend the probes
  • Rifts: Added Free Play settings for allowed mass and Xsotan damage in rifts
  • Added a button to request new rift missions at Rift Research Centers
  • Sectors with Rift Research Centers are now specially highlighted on the Galaxy Map
  • Added an explanation on how to get Rift Research Data in Research Center Shop
  • Rifts: Improved highlighting of nearby objectives
  • Rifts: Monoliths and buoys of nearby paths are now highlighted to make it easier to navigate in rifts
  • Fixed an issue where identical captain clones were received from "A Lost Friend" mission
  • Fixed several issues where new subsystems gave too few turret slots
  • Fixed an exploit where autopilot could refine more ores than available
  • Fixed an issue where salvage and mining fighters didn't return to the hangar when a jump is ordered
  • Fixed an issue where splitting the procurement of goods reduced the duration and chance of attack
  • Fixed an issue where the corrupted AI did not become hostile to alliances after dialog
  • Fixed an issue where patch notes window did not reset scrolling
  • Fixed an issue where autopilot did not recognise when all required turrets were deactivated
  • Fixed an issue where the Hermit quest did not continue if a player traveled to them via command
  • Fixed an issue where ships could get lost/destroyed in rifts on higher difficulties when the game crashed or the server was shut down
  • Fixed an issue where new players were all placed in the same sector after enough players joined a server

Avorion Patch 2.2.2 is available on PC.

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