Avorion Beta Patch 2.0.1: Gameplay Changes and Bug Fixes

Avorion Boxelware

Avorion recently received a new update for its beta version, and it was focused on fixing bugs.

The developers fixed an issue where the engine drained too much power after a hyperspace jump. Due to less power, players were unable to travel longer distances, and this causes some issues in the journey. There are changes as well in Building Knowledge, which you can read below.

Avorion Beta Branch Patch 2.0.1

Gameplay Changes
  • Ships with captains now show up from time to time in the area they were deployed in
  • Renamed "Smart Blocks" to "Functional Blocks"
  • Rephrased several messages to improve clarity about functional blocks and processing power
  • Added a new section to the tutorial to explain processing power
  • Adjusted naming of Building Knowledge
  • Pirate shipyards now also drop building knowledge
  • Building Knowledge can now be bought by alliances
  • Building Knowledge now drops for all players in the sector, regardless of them hitting the enemy that drops the item
Bug Fixes
  • Mined ores and scrap are no longer tagged as stolen when picked up by someone else after the reservation timer runs out
  • Fixed a crash in Refine AI Command
  • Fixed an issue where player-built shipyards sold building knowledge even though the player didn't have it yet
  • Fixed an issue where the trade command income scaled infinitely with the used ship's cargo bay
  • Fixed an issue where building knowledge didn't unlock on servers that first had it disabled, then enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the energy system didn't drain energy for a few seconds when going into drain
  • Fixed an issue where torpedoes and other icons weren't displayed properly
  • Fixed a bug in asteroid field generation
  • Fixed an issue in simplified simulation where ships would always boost and always hit no matter their energy, distance from target, or reach of their weapons
  • Fixed pirate attack event not finishing properly sometimes when pirates flee
  • Fixed an issue where recalled ships didn't return when a certain script crashed
  • Fixed an issue where the max amount of items gained from salvaging could be unlimited
  • Fixed Mining Operation wrongly declaring enemy faction sectors as safe

You can read more about the update here.

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