Astroneer: Gravity Globe and Portable Smelter Added in Update 1.26

Update 1.26
Update 1.26 Twitter/@astroneergame

Update 1.26 for the space sandbox game Astroneer is now available on all platforms. This patch adds new items, most notably the Gravity Globe and Portable Smelter.

First up, the Gravity Globe is a new vehicle in Astroneer that looks like a hamster ball big enough to fit a person inside. But don’t be fooled by its simplistic looks because it is actually fitted with EXO’s most advanced technologies, giving players the ability to perform small hops to clear minor obstacles or roll against gravity. It’s really a fun vehicle to use! The Gravity Globe can be found mostly on abandoned EXO spaceports, but they may occasionally be attached to derelict rover chassis as well.

The next noteworthy item introduced in Update 1.26 is the Portable Smelter. This is a rare crafting item that allows players to refine their valuable resources on the go. It can also be found on EXO wreckage or from the Trade Platform.

This patch also brought some quality-of-life improvements, which you can read below:

Creative Mode Item Duplication
  • Duplicating a held item will now also duplicate most items slotted to it (excluding items in input/output slots).
  • Duplicating an item that is snapped to a slot while held will automatically slot the duplicate item.
Research Chamber
  • The Research Chamber will now automatically pull research items from storage. Valid non-research items (such as crafting resources) can still be slotted manually, or by using an auto-arm.
  • Items can now be slotted to the Research Chamber as soon as a research operation is complete (instead of needing to wait for the animation to finish).
Mission/Data Logs
  • Missions with key items will be automatically tracked
  • Missions that are unlocked when a tracked mission is completed will be automatically tracked.
Power Extenders
  • Extenders have been renamed to "Power Extenders."
  • Power Extenders can now be toggled between directional and networked connections. Doing so will toggle the entire chain of extenders.
  • When using a gamepad, item tooltips will show up on a delay when an item receives proximity focus. (Tooltips are not delayed when focusing on items using the cursor.)
  • Tooltips will not display for items whose control panels are currently open.
  • The collision volumes on most small slots have been tuned with a lower profile, leading to fewer instances of the cursor targeting an unintended slot.
  • The resource info tooltip on the Terrain Tool cursor appears more readily when held over a resource deposit.
  • Rover power cables are no longer forced to be directional when attached to non-rover items (like platforms).
  • Menu-sliders will now increase/decrease more quickly the longer input is held.
  • Large spaceport structures that can be found on planets now have functional landing zones.

Astroneer Update 1.26 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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