Astroneer Rails July 12 Update is Live!

Rails Update
Rails Update Steam

Astroneer has been teasing the Rails Update for a while, and now, it’s finally here. This update includes Rails Systems, Railway Vehicles, and bug fixes.

Rails System

The Rails System added an alternate mode of transportation that makes your job easy and efficient. To start your journey with the Rails System, place rail posts to build lines around the area and then just hop on the new Rail Vehicles placed on the lines; relax while the game takes care of the rest of the journey. These rail lines carry both oxygen and power, which are critical in connecting distant bases.

Rail Vehicles

This update also introduced two new Rail Vehicles for the Rails System. They are:

  • Rail Cars: Basic vehicles with a medium storage slot. It can be chained together in either direction to form a train of up to six vehicles long. It is printed on a Medium Printer using two Resins and one Aluminum. It costs 1,500 Bytes, which is a virtual currency.
  • Rail Engines: Specialized vehicles used for personal transportation and faster trains. It comes with a built-in seat, two small auxiliary slots, and a headlight. These are much faster than Rail Cars but can only be placed on the front or back of the train.

Astroneer Update

  • Power meters on the cable slots of Item Pads are no longer broken
  • Placing multiple packagers on a single item will no longer cause the item to duplicate into that amount of packagers attached when activated by a proximity repeater
  • There is no longer strange behavior with the camera's max zoom distance when exiting tight spaces and loading saves
  • Players are now awarded a Splitter when passing 280 points if they had a Medium Resource Canister slotted to the T2 slot when it was launched
  • Intro cinematic no longer replays if a new player exits their new session to the main menu before the persistenplayerdata file is created
  • Players and AutoArms can no longer place any resource into the Atmospheric Condenser and cause it to stop functioning.
  • Using an atmospheric condenser on the Gateway Station the condenser no longer displays white squares
  • Small Solar Panels no longer become disconnected when flying between planets with them.
  • Players/ AutoArms can no longer place a resource into the Furnace output and cause it to stop functioning.
  • VTOL now properly changes orientation in the different gravity volumes in and around the gateway engines

You can read more about the update here.

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