Astralis vs. OG BLAST Premier - CS: GO HIGHLIGHTS

Astralis vs OG Blast Premier - CS: GO HIGHLIGHTS
Astralis vs OG Blast Premier - CS: GO HIGHLIGHTS youtube

The BLAST Premier matches between Astralis and OG have concluded. The matchup between the two teams was played in a best of three series.

Dust2 was the first map of the series. OG's Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt OG started the map with a nice kill from spawn into the mid-door. After that, OG decided to push B by just flashing and running inside. They pushed into the site but forgot to check corners, where Emil "Magisk" Reif from Astralis was sitting and got a quick triple kill. Then, Astralis was able to finish and win the first round with ease. In round six, OG tried something similar by pushing into the B site. Magisk was sitting under sniper spot in B that led to another triple kill allowing Astralis to take another round.

Astralis played the first half really well, however, after the sides switched, OG started to come back and take the game into overtime. The match was long and well fought with Astralis winning the first map at a 19-16 scoreline.

The second map was Inferno. Astralis' Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen started the first round with an amazing ace. dupreeh entered into the B site after getting a triple kill, and then made the plant. Although he was left down to a 1v2 situation, he successfully turned it into a clutch. Astralis took an 11-4 lead in the first half, which gave them an advantage during the second half. Astralis won the final map with a 16-6 scoreline and dupreeh carried the team with 46 kills in both maps.

The next matchup between Astralis and BIG will be an exciting match to watch.

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What are your thoughts on the ongoing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive BLAST Premier? Have you enjoyed the games and learned new tricks from the pro players? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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