Assassin’s Creed Origins Chariot Race Guide - Win Every Tournament

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Assassin's Creed Origins Chariot
Assassin’s Creed Origins has chariot races. While they may not offer a ton of XP, here’s a guide to make the most of them. Assassin’s Creed Origins is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Ubisoft/HoTop GaminG @ YouTube

Assassin’s Creed Origins introduces chariot races towards the start of the game, and while they’re only an outlet for small XP gains, they’re still pretty fun. Here’s what you need to know to win each tournament and time trial.



Chariot races unlock once you discover Kanopos. The Lageion Hippodrome is at the center of the village, and that’s where the events take place. There’s a tutorial once you get there, but here’s a recap of the essentials:

  • Heavy Attack: Accelerate
  • Left Stick: Steer
  • Interaction Button: Boost. Use it after turns, after collisions, while on fire or on straightaways. Sticking to the darker route and drifting increases your boost. Trailing competitors does as well.
  • Dodge: Drift. Accelerate at the same time to get the biggest benefit.

Collisions decrease the health of your chariot and your opponent’s. Those who lose all their health are taken out of the race. Damage can be dealt by using the “Grab Ledge” command if racers get too close. It can be triggered from beside or behind while in close quarters. If you know damage is coming, hit your Shield Mode button to brace for impact.


Race I: It’s a clockwise course with one crashed chariot. Keeping composure on tight turns is paramount. Here are the trial times you need to beat.

  • Easy: 1:44.49
  • Medium: 1:40.49
  • Hard:  1:37.34


Race II: This is a counterclockwise course. Be careful when using boost, because a statue waits at the midpoint of each straight section and on the first turn. Staying close to the statues will get you some dark-route boost. Just be cognizant of them, make a nice opening turn and you should be OK. Here are your trial times.

  • Easy: 1:44.08
  • Medium: 1:41.41
  • Hard: 1:37.91


Race III: This time you’ll be racing four laps on a clockwise route with a bunch of hazards. The start of both straightaways has an obstacle. Stay to the inside to make the most of your dark-track boost.

  • Easy: 2:16.45
  • Medium: 2:13.19
  • Hard: 2:13.19


Race IV : Fire is your biggest concern for this race. There are three fire-shooting obstacles that push to the inside and outside of the course. The only brief moment for reprieve is a small gap between the second and third obstacle. That’s when you should think about switching lanes. If you catch fire, use your boost to put it out.

Take the second turn narrowly to avoid more fire. Two additional obstacles could cause problems on the inside after the first turn and on the outside of the back stretch. Stick to the far inside or far outside and straddle the boost path. With skillful maneuvering, you should emerge victorious after five laps.

  • Easy: 2:50.74
  • Medium: 2:46.46
  • Hard: 2:44.56


Win each race, and you’ll get a grand total of 600 XP. That’s not a lot, but if you’re hunting for Achievements or need a quick level, it may be worth a shot.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Have you tried out the chariot races in Assassin’s Creed Origins? Do these tips make them worth the hassle? Tell us in the comments section!

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