Arrow Season 6 Episode 5 Offers Clue About Vigilante’s Identity

Who is behind Vigilante's ski goggles mask?
Who is behind Vigilante's ski goggles mask? CW

Arrow Season 6 episode 5 may be titled” Deathstroke Returns,” but another major character is also coming back. Vigilante disappeared in Season 5 after Prometheus’ vengeful rampage on Oliver, and this week’s DC All Access report says he’ll be back in episode 5.

The most recent teaser for “Deathstroke Returns” shows Oliver helping Deathstroke track down his long-lost son, which makes Vigilante’s appearance more interesting. We always assumed it was Green Arrow Vigilante had a problem with, but according to David Ramsey, Vigilante could be a personal acquaintance of Dinah Drake’s Black Canary. He revealed the tidbit during a Facebook Live on Monday, but photos from The CW also back up his claim (see all in gallery above).

“I can tell you that we all are gonna have our own specific villain. I can tell you that. And Juliana, particularly, it's gonna be a very interesting ride for her and what she goes through and who she has to face."

Vigilante and Dinah Drake come face to face.
Vigilante and Dinah Drake come face to face. CW

It was previously thought Adrian Chase would be under Vigilante’s mask, as he was in the comics, but the series went a different route. Chase turned out to be Prometheus, leaving the alter-ego of Vigilante unknown. This tie-in to Black Canary explains why Executive Producer Wendy Mericle recently said the actor behind the mask hadn’t been cast yet, as well as why showrunner Marc Guggenheim said last year the character will end up being someone familiar to Team Arrow. Obviously, fan theories went wild--speculating it could be Tommy Merlyn, Roy Harper, Captain Lance and others, but it seems more likely this is a person from Black Canary’s past who is coming back to haunt her.

We're going to learn a lot more about Dinah Drake soon.
We're going to learn a lot more about Dinah Drake soon. CW

Prior to joining Green Arrow’s team of vigilantes, Dinah Drake was an undercover Central City detective known by her code name, Tina Boland. There’s clearly a lot of skeletons in her closet. Now, living her reformed life, she’s a Lieutenant in the Star City police department. John Diggle convinced her to start a fresh, new life as a member of Team Arrow. Let’s just say this Vigilante guy may be her first bump in the road.

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