Arrow Season 6: Olicity Wedding Could Be A Blessing In Disguise

We're talking to you, reddit.
Angry Arrow fans renamed the reddit page, "The Punisher" in protest.
Angry Arrow fans renamed the reddit page, "The Punisher" in protest. reddit

There are three categories of Arrow fans: Olicity shippers, Olicity haters, and people who don’t give a fuck and just want the show to be decent. Unfortunately, the latter sect only makes up a small portion of viewers, and we’ll never stop hearing either side bitch about Felicity and Oliver’s relationship one way or another. The latest batch of complaining? Take a look at the Arrow subreddit, now named “The Punisher.”

"Season 6 in a nutshell," a reddit user writes.
"Season 6 in a nutshell," a reddit user writes.

This is not a new trolling tactic. After the Arrow Season 4 finale (which even Stephen Amell knows is the worst season thus far), fans changed the subreddit name to “Daredevil.” That was at a time when Arrow was at its worst. But now, less than 10 episodes into Season 6, the series is arguably the best it has been since Season 2. The crossover was insanely good, Deathstroke came back, the new Black Canary is even more badass than the first, Tommy had a cameo, Diggle had his turn as Green Arrow, the fight choreography is on point, Felicity has her own story separate from Oliver’s… what more could Arrow fans ask for? An Olicity breakup would take up more storyline than a simple marriage.

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Sure, the wedding felt a little bit forced (and Felicity is like, the worst wedding guest ever for interrupting Iris and Barry). But at the same time, was Oliver and Felicity’s relationship supposed to stay stagnant for the rest of the season? Look, I didn’t prefer the Olicity wedding either. I was so relieved when Felicity turned down Oliver’s proposal, saying she didn’t want to change the way things were because everything was good for once. She was right… their relationship finally wasn’t running the entire series.

But at the same time, combining the Olicity and West-Allen weddings is probably the most low-key way the writers could have handled the nuptials. ‘Olicity’-centered episodes have never been well-received in the past and their relationship needed to move somewhere, especially with Felicity growing so close to Oliver’s son. For this reason, Olicity’s marriage could be a blessing in disguise. Not focusing on their ongoing relationship status could allow the series to pay more attention to the rest of the blossoming new cast.

Salty Arrow fans on reddit changed the name to The Punisher.
Salty Arrow fans on reddit changed the name to The Punisher.

What’s most disturbing about this reddit “protest” is the fact these fans actually expect the writers to do something about their complaints. Arrow has lost its way by appearing to listen to fan service in the past. Some may argue that’s why we're in this Olicity predicament in the first place, since she was a fan-favorite character in Season 1. She wasn’t even from the comics, but was then promoted to a series regular and became Oliver’s romantic interest instead of the canon Black Canary.

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Whatever the case, the only people losing this argument are the fans who vow to stop watching Arrow, even though we have yet to see what the writers have in store for Olicity. With Arrow in its sixth season, it’s about time people start having some faith the writers will do the relationship justice.

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